Seeing is believing

06 May
So.. if you’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s, and you and your s.o. have decided that a LDR will work for you, then let me make a suggestion. Get a web cam. One of the things I miss most about my baby is his smile. His expressions as we were talking about things. Once a night, before its time to log off for the night, we turn our web cams on. More often then not, at that point we stop talking… lol.. and just watch each other. Its so funny because when there’s a lull in our conversation otherwise, its sometimes challenging… but once we can see each other, we’re content to just stare at each other. we were actually laughing about it the other night.

Its funny how little things about your loved one can fall to the back of your mind. Maybe you forgot how they lean on their hand as they’re listening… or the way their eyes crinkle when they laugh. Turn on your web cam. Watch your loved one while they’re talking about their day. You’ll be pleasantly reminded of some quirky things that you may have forgotten about.

I’ve had trouble sleeping since my partner left. Week before last, we started leaving our web cams on, and on the bed at night as we fall asleep. We unplug our laptops, so they don’t overheat after all night on the bed, and then we watch each other fall asleep. Its something we used to do at the beginning of our relationship, and every time we do, I am amazed by the peaceful sleep I get watching my love fall asleep, or waking up to find him smiling at me.

If you don’t have a web cam, PLEASE PLEASE think about going out and getting one. Being able to SEE your loved one when you’re separated will make a big difference to your relationship, and make those hard days a little easier to handle.


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2 responses to “Seeing is believing

  1. Barry

    May 6, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    You are lucky to have technology on your side, when I was going through my LDR we had nothing, just the phone.

  2. Sharon

    May 14, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    gg…. this is one he sent me from his web cam a LONG time ago… when we were far apart.


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