06 May
Finding things to do together with your partner can be a challenge when you’re separated by miles. My S.O. and I have searched the net looking for things we can do together. Here are a few of the things we’ve found.

Watch a movie together. We’ve discovered a website called it shows movies, tv shows and sporting events. Its not as great as curling up on the couch together, or holding hands in a movie theater, but its a chance for you to share something and to “be” together.

Play online games. At least once or twice a week, we use the MSN games option to play uno, or do a jigsaw puzzle together. Its a lot of fun. We turn on our web cams, find a game and play for hours.

Read the same book. We started doing this years ago. Finding a book we both loved and reading it at the same time. We’d text each other back and forth with things like “Oh, wait till you get to page 246!”, “think about me when you read pg 105” or “pg 45 made me cry”. When that’s not a possibility, one of us will read a book first, and write note in the margins, underline parts that we thought were good, or even just leave an “I love you” at the end of the page. It doesn’t cost a lot to pop a book in the mail, and if a few days time, your loved one will be sharing in your experiences with you.

Being apart is hard. Not being able to do things together will make your days apart seem twice as long. Find joy in the little things you CAN do together. Laughing over hiding a jigsaw puzzle piece on an online jigsaw puzzle will mean a lot on those lonely nights.

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