I’ve been a Bad Bad Blogger!

25 May

Ok so it’s been a couple days since my last post… not because NOTHING’s been going on, but because I just haven’t had the time. It was Hayden’s Birthday weekend, and so my time was spent getting ready for the non-party party. It was also Doors Open weekend, which meant Toronto had 150 buildings open to the public for free. It was very cool!! We took advantage of it to make the weekend a little extra special. BUT… there was def something missing. Having this weekend without Shel was SO hard! We included him as much as possible… Overly detailed accounts of what was going on, frequent emails and texts, and phone calls. Over 450 pictures from the weekend covered most of the events.

Its a hard day. Shel’s parents are coming to T.O. for a few days, and it makes it hard, because all we were thinking was… if only he had the time off, he could have come too. but he’s working 14-15 hours a day right now, so time off just isn’t a reality right now. So last night we were talking about it, and it was pretty sad… but… we both know and understand the ins and outs of it… but it doesn’t make it any easier. :s Its a holiday in the states today, so at least he can catch up on some rest.

So today I will spend my day trying to think of how to make the next couple days just a little extra special. I’ll let you know what I come up with.


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