Woo Hoo!! Time to get in shape!!

29 May
I went on a mission today. to get the most relevant info I could about getting back into shape.

What did I find? a LOT of confusing messages. here are a couple f the crazy diets I stumbled across: (btw.. no offence to anyone who has tried any of these. I’ve done a couple of them myself)

Cabbage Soup Diet
Grapefruit Diet
All Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet
Low Protien Diet
High Protien Diet
7 Day Diet
Russian Airforce Diet
The G.I Diet
The Zone

But my fav to read was probably the Bread and Butter diet:

Day One:
Breakfast:1 slice whole wheat bread1 teaspoon butter or margarine1/2 cup orange juice
Lunch:3.5 ounces drained water-pack tunagree salad1 slice protein bread1 teaspoon butter or margarine 1 small apple
Dinner:4 ounces broiled cod1cup steamed broccoli1/2 cup steamed peas1 slice rye bread1 teaspoon butter or margarine1 orange

Seriously.. I have clients in prison I KNOW eat better then that.

Then there are the counting diets… and my brain starts to hurt just thinking of all that stuff to remember.

Count Carbs
Count Calories
Count Sugar Content
Count Fat
Count Fiber
Count Points

My 7 year old will look at every package that his food comes from and announce how many calories are in it. Its too much!! I was on overload and exhausted before I had even started.

How to know which is the right one and which is the wrong one? It was time to get professional help. NOT that kind… that’s LONG overdue. So I asked around, trying to find someone who could help. And thankfully I did. At the end of my blogs I’ll track my progress so you know how its going, and so I’ll have some accountability.

We’re starting small so my body can get used to the idea of… moving again. 🙂

My assignment this week:

Go for an hour long walk/jog every day that it is not raining out immediately after you drop Hayden off at school.

Start after you drop him off, and walk at a medium pace. If you can push yourself to do it, alternate jogging with walking (this might make you feel stupid, but it is actually the best way to work your body up to getting used to exercise). Even if you jog for one minute, walk for two. To judge whether or not you are working hard enough, you should be breathing heavily but not so heavily that you couldn’t put a few words together in a sentence. That’s it.

There are several benefits:

-Making this the first thing on your list of things to do will get it out of the way. It is only one hour, and when it’s over, you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day!-On days when you don’t feel like it, you can trick yourself by saying “Well it isn’t raining today, but one day soon it will and I can have a day off then”.
-You will notice that you will be able to jog for longer and longer periods, even if it means a difference of one minute at a time, and this will motivate you.
-It’s free!

Why it won’t work:

-If you walk too slowly, you won’t see any results. You do need to push yourself a little and think about your goal while you’re in motion instead of how much you don’t want to do it.
-You shave minutes off your time with little breaks or arriving home too soon. Whatever you do, DON’T STOP MOVING.
-You find reasons not to do it at all. The hardest part about exercising as an adult is simply that as adults we are used to being our own bosses. You need to just give yourself a command and don’t allow yourself to compromise it!

Great things about it… Bernie will get his walk in too. So I’m going to change it a tiny bit. I’ll take Hayd to school, then come home, get bern, and do my hour.

Wish me luck!!

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