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Home again Home again Poopedy Pooped!

What an insanely busy, emotionally crazy, amazing, wonderful vacation.

We had a great time! It was awesome for us all to be together again, and I caught myself on more then one occassion just watching life run its course around me and thinking “Wow”

We went to Myrtle Beach, and as I stood with the salt water waves lapping around me, Shel and our boys out jumping the waves, I smiled and thought “This is my future”

We drove to Ashville to spend time with some of Shel’s family, and had 3 boys stuffed into the back of a Crown Vic fighting for their space, and I looked at the crazy adorable man I am going to marry and thought “This is my life”

I looked out at the amazing scenery at Tallulah Falls, our three boys milling around behind us and snuggled closer to my love and thought “Wow this is it!”

I grieved with him when we left our middle child behind and had to travel on without him, and felt my heart break with his and thought “This is hard, but its my life”

I got misty eyed pulling into the driveway of the new house, and watching Hayden and Ev look around their new rooms, and as we all explored the new house, I wrapped my arms around that incredible man once again and whispered in his ear “This is OUR life. and I wouldn’t trade it for anything”

I held Hayden in my arms as he sobbed and sobbed watching Daddy and Evan leave, and I said “That is our future”.

It was an incredible time, and something that will get me through these next few months.

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Steve Nash, Crop Dusters, Atlanta and Sparkles

Ok… My day yesterday. I know you all want the sappy details, but you have to live through the boring hum drum that was the start of my day first.

6:30 rise (way to early!) to finish everything up, and then we’re off to the Airport. We pull up to the curb of ye olde airport, and there is a budget rent a truck unpacking loads and loads of luggage. Who’s? Well, judging by all the Spanish flags (?), and the number of airport security, my best guess would be REAL MADRID on their way home. (COOL!)

Being the world traveller that I thought I was after going to the airport with Shel about6 times in the last 2 years, I check in at the Kiosk to save time, and the guy wizzes me through getting my baggage tagged. I ask him if the two slips of paper I have marked boarding pass are all I need. (somehow it seems like there should be a “ticket” involved) he doesn’t even look at them OR me and says “Everything is fine please go.” Hmmmm.

So we say bye to nanny and off we go into customs. The guy we get seemed really funny while we were waiting, but we got up to him and then I remembered… Custom’s officers have NO sense of Ha-Ha. We finish up with him, and its time to drop off our luggage. With everyone else’s, on ONE conveyor belt dropping ALL the luggage in one spot. Hayden asked how they would know it was ours to put it on the right plane, and tbh, I’m not quite sure so I told him to ask daddy, since he used to work there.

We were off to the wand people. We walked up and Hayden thought it was pretty cool. The 6 customs people at OUR scanner could have cared less it was his first flight, and demanded we put all of our stuff on the belt without so much as a hello. Then I remembered… they dont have any personality either. Hayden wanted to know if he’d get his stuffed toy back when he put it on the belt, and they didnt even bother to acknowledge him, just said “take off your shoes!” Ugh! But at the risk of not being let into the country, and at the risk of being “pulled over” for a closer inspection, I didn’t bother to push the issue and we complied.

We were off to our gate, where we sat around for a couple hours. Hayden played his DS and I watched Airport TV which was kinda like AM680 with pictures, replaying every 10 min. So I saw the soccer game about 20 times, and they kept talking about how Steve Nash was there. *side note* I LOVE Steve Nash!! I’m sitting there, kinda looking around thinking about the game, and Shel, and Steve Nash, when I look up, and Steve Nash is walking past me!!!! “Hey!” is all I can manage, and he turns and smiles, nods his head, waves and off he goes to his flight. STEVE NASH!!! 🙂

Our boarding was delayed for 45 min. Why? Mechanical Problems. Un-nerving? YES! They finally call us on, and I notice everyone else has tickets. I have boarding passes. Oh NO!! Time to panic. So I race up to the counter and ask the chick what we do, I am ready to cry I’m so panicked she’s not going to let us on the plane (Compulsive worrier, remember?) And me, in my sheer state of terror, and trying to keep it together, tears brimming look to this woman for help, and her answer? (Insert Jamaican accent) “No worries Man, it’s because you use the kiosk. Everything be fine this that”. Its the most reassuring words said with the most laid back reassuring accent, and it worked! I relaxed.

We walk down the ramp to the plane, and then walked down stairs and onto the runway. Wait a sec… My experience with planes says I’m not supposed to be on the runway, and that we should be connected. The big plane is supposed to be right here… Oh… there’s the problem. The’ve mistakenly put a crop duster there instead. I look around, following the crowd, and then the stewardess says “Welcome to Delta!” and I think… where?? where is the Delta plane? and I realize she’s talking about the THING in front of me that is no longer then a school bus. Oh Oh!

We get settled in the plane, which has 2 seats on either side, and and aisle so small the stewardess has to walk back and forth for drink orders because the cart wont fit. We start to take off and I suddenly remember “I HATE flying” lol. we’re only up for 1.5 hours, which was awesome!

Landing… Again… not my favorite thing. We get off the plane, the heat hits, and a bad word MAY have come out of my mouth. Where does heat like that come from??? Into the airport, and AHHHHHHH air conditioning. Onto the train that will shuttle me across the largest airport to baggage claim. Hayden loved that there was a subway in the airport.

I had specific instructions as to where to go. On the train and then up the big escalator, and Shel and the boys would be waiting for us. We were looking for them, and I managed to spot them before they spotted us. It was so cute. Rhys had a sign that said “Welcome to Atlanta” and Shel had one that said “Sharon and Hayden” and Ev had a camera in his hand. Shel and I made eye contact, and then I looked down to tell Hayden where they were, and when I looked back, their signs had changed. Rhys’s said “Will you” and Shel’s said “Marry me” and he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Ev took pics of my reaction, which was awesome. and the AWWWWWWWW that came from the collective crowd of people waiting for passangers, and the crowd behind me coming to Atlanta couldn’t have been better coordinated.

So I walked over, and kissed Shel and the airport worker guy goes “Um… can we take that as a yes?”

The boys were happy to be together, and by the time bedtime rolled around there had yet to be a fight. (However we did have a “He did it!” “NO! HE did it!” about 15 min into our visit, but it passed pretty fast. We went to a Japanese Hibatchy place where they cooked our food at the table, and it was really cool! Then ice cream for dessert, and back to the house to just be… it was awesome!

Today we’re off to church, where Shel is preaching, and then home to pack and off to Myrtle Beach. YAY!!!

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It’s HERE!!!

This is it.. the final stages of the countdown to vacation! I’m off to Atlanta to be with Shel and our boys, and it is something that I have been dreaming about forever. I haven’t seen the boys since last summer, and have missed them HORRIBLY! And this last month without Shel has been killer.

Not only are we going to Atlanta, but we’re ROAD TRIPPING it back!! I LOVE road trips!! I would go pretty much anywhere you asked me to, if it involved driving for long periods of time in the car. I know you think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m really not. I have travelled across this great country of ours by plane, by car, by train. I LOVE to travel and see new places. (bi-product of being an officers kid? possibly) So now, I get to go down and road trip with my family!! Incredible!! AND even more special because we’ll be stopping off at the new house, the one that if everything goes as planned will be “our” first home!

In doing all this though, I’m a bit nervous about the trip down. Tomorrow I drop Pooper (Bernie) off at doggy camp for 2 weeks. Bernie has never been away from me for longer then 12 hours. I’m worried.. like.. New parent away from the baby for the first time worried. I didn’t cry when Hayden went to Kindergarten for the first time, but I’m pretty sure tears will be shed tomorrow leaving Bernie behind. Is that wrong?

My mind is filled with What If’s as only an OCT person’s could be. What if Bernie is bad at the trainers that first day and they call me to come and get him, before I get to even leave. What if he’s bad while we’re gone? What if he gets sick? We already almost lost him once, I couldn’t deal with that! or lonely? Or what if he manages to find an escape route and finds his way home? MY folks can’t watch him, what will we do then?

Oy vay! So much to worry about 😛

Then the trip. Hayden’s never been on a plane ride before. What if he gets air sick? Last night I asked Shel what to do if a pressurized cabin sucked my marble out? (lolthats what I call the “growth/lump” yet to be identified in my sinus cavity.) What if we get to customs and there’s a hassle with our paper work? What if they need to contact Hayden’s other chromosome? He’s out of reach camping all weekend, so if they dont get him, will they still let us through?

SO MUCH worry! I honestly don’t remember the last time I prayed as much as I have this last week (unless you count the conversational prayer that a certain officer whom I love had me participate in the whole way to the young women’s retreat in Niagara Falls one year. Do you think God understood when I feel asleep in the middle of the trip/prayer?)

If you have a few extra seconds to send one up to the Big Guy for me? or if you’re not into that sorta thing, some good thoughts or Karma would be nice!!

See you on the flip side (Hopefully!)

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