Tests vs faith one of THOSE weeks.

13 Sep

First let me say I’m typing this from my iPod so if there are spelling mistakes or word mismatches I apologize. Silly predictive text!

Shel has been gone for 6 months. Some days it feels like it’s been a lifetime watching him get on the plane and fly off to start OUR new life. Other days I wake up and forget he’s not just up the road or in the next room.

We’ve had it pretty lucky. With our web cams we’ve been able to see each other almost every night before bed. We actually managed to only miss 2 days of seeing each other since his original return. Which is an incredible 2 years ago. 2 days in 2 years. I like those odds. But last week I woke up to find my laptop dead. No power no worky.

I called the company and they said it was a power cord problem and I would get
my cord in the next couple days. That was 2 weeks ago. Apparently power cords are hard to come by.

In the meantime, shels been having problems on his end getting his Internet connection set up. We’ve been communicating via the net on my iPod and his blackberry. The other night that quit working as well.

It’s been difficult. The Internet is a major factor in keeping our family whole. It’s how I talk to Rhys at 3am with the time difference. It’s how I help Evan with his algebra homework. It’s how I help the boys with unpacking and more importantly how Hayden talks to Daddy and his brothers.

A former coworker and I had a funny way of looking at things like this. Once when giving a very important presentation at the young womens retreat we found ourself faced with crisis after crisis. We were faced with a major incident at work that we were informed of on our way to the presentation in Niagara Falls. There was the possibility of some MAJOR media backlash. We were at a loss until we found ourselves at the retreat with 3 PR officers, one of which being a good friend of ours. We were blessed to have them at the right time and the right place to council us. My coworker looked at me and said “Ive got a feeling someone (Satan) is trying to stop us from getting the word out.”

We went to set up for our presentation and found that 1) the projector wasn’t working 2) the laptop there wasn’t compatible with out photo program 3) the flash disk holding the program was corrupted 4) the sound wouldn’t work. There was some seriouse work going into is not getting our program off the ground. But there was no way we would let our message go unheard. We had actually packed our own laptop with the program loaded up on it, power point projector, and speakers. Our message got out there and it was the first if about 40 times we presented it.

I feel a little like that right now. Like we’re being tested. But news flash. As hard as this is, we’ve both gone through much harder to get to the point we’re at now, months before the wedding. It is difficult and lonely but the 5 of us are commited to making this work!

I found this passage this morning on my “Bible for iPod application”
John 13:31,32
Jesus said ” Simon, listen to me! Satan has demanded the right to test each one of you… But I have prayed that your faith will be strong…”

Note to Satan; Bite me!!

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