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and the Fabby results

For those of you who REFUSE to read back… here’s the jist.

These two awesome blogger chicks Cheapskate and DiPaola put on this GREAT contest/challenge called Drabby to Fabby. Which is a really awesome way to encourage us other bloggers to take a few min. for ourselves. Which we could all stand to do. AND in the process of feeling good about ourselves,, we get a chance to win SWAG!!!!!

So today’s challenge was to show us at our drabbiest. 😛 I decided to take pics of the house… being mid move for 6 months is hard!! Boxes everywhere as you sort through, trying to decide what can get packed, what wont. What you can chuck and what you’ll need till move day.

Check back to my last post Drabby to Fabby is here again, to see pictures of the Drabby side of my move.

Below you will find the Fabby side… and no… the laundry STILL isn’t folded. And now there’s FIVE loads!! Eeps!


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Drabby to Fabby is here AGAIN!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Alright!! Its Friday!!!

My dog… my wonderful lovable goofball decided that at 6:15, when he heard my dad get up to take out the last bag of garbage before the truck came, that it was HIS time to be up too. My dog does not sleep in. He’s worse then the kids on a Saturday morning! So when I heard the first “chuff”… you dog owners know what I’m talking about.. not quite a bark, but louder then a sigh… its translation in my house is “Anyone up?”, I ignored him. I managed to go until 6:30 before the barking was enough that I was worried it would wake munchkin. So out he went, and I threw a load of laundry in. I actually feel quite proud as there’s now a load in the washer, one in the dryer, and the alarm clock (iPod) hasn’t given its horrible morning crow yet.

So I unplug my laptop and head into the washroom to catch up on some reading (I know!! TMI!! But there’s not one of us who hasn’t done it!! McHubby, The Oldest Boy, and even McPoppy have all been seen carting their laptops into the “Office” so I’ve converted :P) I log in, and head over to Cheapskate, and see that she’s put out a challenge.

What is it with me and this woman? She puts out a challenge and I jump!!! I can’t wait to do it and until I do, I’m consumed by thoughts of it! So her challenge this week? (taken from her blog… but you’d know that if you clicked the fabby link above…) “I think it would be fun to just do a Drabby post. Are you up for it? So this week I am asking you to show me your Drabbiest side and link back”

I gotta tell you… early mornings… as much as I complain… kinda rock my world… I feel like I get a lot accomplished (hence the laundry) and it feels good! I don’t really feel drabby today. I feel like I’m kinda rockinFabby! Sure I haven’t showered in 4 days, and brush has neither touched my hair or teeth yet this am… but… I feel Fabby. So… what to do… I love participating in the Drabby to Fabby’s… I can’t skip it!! So as I sit there, I look around the bathroom wondering what I could do… and my eye’s rest on… THIS…

My sink.. well… it’s in there somewhere. And instantly my Drabby to Fabby for the week is born. I’ve got energy to burn (right now) and this is a project that is screaming to be done.
For those of you who DIDN’T read back when you first joined up… I have Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies that manifest themselves during times of stress. Obviously by looking around my house… I have not been feeling stressed in a while… (click the link… you know you want to… just… finish reading here first… one task at a time please :P)
So… I don’t know if it counts towards an actual D2F entry, but my Drabby to Fabby this week is my house. Having it clean, organized and packed IS time to myself because a) I actually LIKE cleaning… shhh… don’t tell McHubby!! b) Having everything neat and organized is ACTUAL therapy for me… when my place is chaos, you can bet my emotions are chaotic as well. I’ll post Fabby pics when I’m done so you can see them, but for now… hold on to the edge of your seats. Cover the kids eye’s… they don’t need to see this.
Here is my drabby… welcome to the dark side…

(Launrdy baskets in my bathtub… with CLEAN laundry in them! I HATE folding clothes!)
(munchkins room from the door)
(Munchkin’s dresser… and unmade bed… and.. sleeping cutie patootie)

(My Bedroom… Ugh the boxes!! When will they end?)


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Ok… I’m asking for help. Because I’m at a loss for ideas.

My family this year is having a “homemade/second hand” Christmas. I’m not working right now, in getting ready for the move. My S-I-L is a stay at home mom, and my Bro was laid off from his job. So.. you can see the idea was to save some money. Which is great! We’ve made a couple trips to thrift stores, and have found some pretty sweet deals.
But here’s the thing. I want to make something for the Nanny’s and Poppy’s. My parents are really special to Hayden, we’ve lived with them almost his entire life. And now this year, He has a whole new set of grandparents to make something for. Problem is… I have no idea what to make for them! Well that’s not true.

For his grandmothers (Nanny’s) Munchkin is making slinky Christmas card holders. You stretch out a slinky, put a weighted 1/2 a Styrofoam ball at each end, and decorate… very cute!! His Grandmothers are great, and … they’re grandmothers… come on.. easy!

For MY dad, he might make a paper weight, or a glasses case, we haven’t really narrowed down what it will be yet, but there are tons of options out there. For McHubby’s Dad (McPoppy?)… I just don’t know!! There’s been some tension with the family’s merging, and so I want to make sure that this gift says “Your new grandson loves you” (because he does!! Hayden was enamoured by him right away!! and they’ve only met a few times) but I don’t want to push it too much, because its still new.

There’s also the fact that I want to knock this guys socks off. McHubby’s male relatives are known for their sensitive side… I want this gift to touch him. 😛 AND the fact that I LOVE this guy also plays a big factor (I bet McHubby gets a big smile on his face reading that!) I do LOVE him. We worked together at our local church, He was my minister, my confidant, and… he’s a carbon copy of McHubby. You know the duck under the covers on a rainy day with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate? THAT is the feeling my Father-In-Law puts out when he smiles. He’s great. And I really want this gift to impress.

So… my crafty friends… and my male minded readers… I am looking for any and all ideas crafty. What can we make?

(Below My Parents)

(McNanny andMcPoppy)


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Once upon a time…

I just got off the phone with McHubby. He’s having a rough day today, so to make him smile, and to make you all make that barfy noise all people make when sappy-ness is involved, here’s MY take on “Back in the day”

I moved to Toronto when I was 14. I was from small town nowhere-ville. My parents and I started going to church at a local church. The ministers there were friends of the family (and as of today.. my future in laws). I don’t remember the exact day McHubby and I met. Neither of us do. Any memory I have from back then, he was just there.

I can’t share our very first thoughts of each other, because… well… I try to keep the blog no higher then a 14AA rating. But… we met. And I was instantly enamoured by this older (gg) charming, smart, funny guy that I felt drawn to. We became fast friends, pretty much inseparable. I don’t know if you remember back, but at 14 with this older guy laughing at your jokes, opening doors for you, its wasn’t long before I had a MAJOR crush on my best friend. I jumped at any chance to be around him, so when he and his wife needed a baby sitter for their adorable little baby, I jumped at the chance. (Besides, I was already babysitting his brothers kids)

Fast forward a couple years, and its time for my best friend and his family to move. I was heartbroken. (A little more so then “just a friend” would be) But it was what he needed to do, and so we had one of the most painful goodbye’s imaginable. We stayed in touch, but it was hard at times, strained.

Fast forward a couple more years. I’ve moved out on my own, working a great job, living with a HORRIBLE boyfriend who I thank for two things; Learning to block a left hook, and for an incredible little boy. I was holding my life together with duct tape, and hadn’t spoken to my best friend in a while, when out of nowhere, the apartment intercom rang. It was him!! I ran out of the shower to answer it, and slipped.. smashing my head off the tub. But I didn’t care!! My best friend was there. I jumped off the elevator, and there he was EXACTLY as I pictured 100’s of times. We talked, and then went our separate ways again. That moment, that visit changed my life in so many more ways then he knows. I went upstairs broken hearted at having to say goodbye to him again, but reminded of the person I was. The person I had somehow lost along the way.

When my son was born, my best friend was living in Kingston. I was driving down to visit family and stopped in Kingston overnight. I stared at the phone in that hotel room for hours. We hadn’t spoken since he visited, and there were so many things I wanted to say to him. I wanted him to meet my son, to know how seeing him that day changed my life. But I couldn’t do it. I was afraid of any other things I might say to him to spoil this great friendship we had going.

He moved again. This time to another country and although staying friends was hard for both of us, its what we did. So when his marriage was coming to an end, I was there, supporting him and the boys in any way I could. I looked for a place for him to stay, I sent his resumes out, I even got him a volunteer position at the place I worked, so he wouldn’t have to be alone all day long. My family opened their arms and house to him, embracing him in a way that his own family couldn’t due to location.

Spending months and months like this, together all the time, sharing, talking, it brought back all the old feelings I had. Then one day while taking about local rumours (we all know what those are like, right?) we sort of said… well… what if we went on a date? and with that, I was hooked, ans with that, found all my dreams as a silly bratty teenager coming true.

When I think of where we were 16 years ago, and where we are now… 52 days till the wedding doesn’t seem like a big deal. If I could wait 14 years for a first date, I can wait 51 for a hug.



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Unless you’re brand new to the blog (and if you are, HI! Welcome, take a read back a few posts!) you know that I’m waiting. I’m getting married, I’m moving to a new country. Everything seems so far away, and the lower the numbers get, the harder the days get.

I HATE waiting!! I am an oven door opener, a paint toucher and a gift peeker. And its not just MY stuff I hate waiting for. A couple nights ago while wrapping Christmas gifts for McHubby, I must have asked at least 20 times “Do you want to know what Hayd got you?” “Can I tell you?” I just hate waiting!

I know, I know… In Gods time, patience is a virtue, etc. etc. I got an ever so helpful email from my future S-I-L quoting Ecclesiastes 3. In case you don’t know it, here’s the gistThere’s a Right Time for Everything. 1 There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth: 2-8 A right time for birth and another for death, A right time to plant and another to reap, A right time to kill and another to heal, A right time to … so forth and so forth. Gods times things for a reason. (Please don’t think I’m making light of the passage. I’ve seen HOW and WHY Gods timing doesn’t always match mine. My parents have been ministers for 40+ years, my in laws have been ministers for about the same amount of time, McHubby was a minister for over a decade. Our faith is strong… our practice… is.. well like everyone else)

Do you know anyone who’s a good “Waiter”? I’ve been known to spout the same “helpful” stuff to people who are waiting during counselling sessions. But I’ve stopped doing it. Because how can I say that to them when I don’t live it myself? I don’t know one of us who’s had to wait for something we’ve really wanted who’s sat back with a smile when the person/money/plans are postponed and gone “*sigh* its so nice that I’ve been given this time to wait because God’s got his reasons.” SERIOUSLY!!! Who does it?!?

Last night, Shel and I were both having a hard night keeping it together. Having our family spread out like it is in 3 different countries is hard. Being single parents and parenting from a distance is hard. Last night it was overwhelming. So instead of focusing on the time we have left before we’re together again, we played 20 questions with our past. Things like “What did you think the first time we met?” or “When did you KNOW?” So it gave me an idea for a great blogpost. But right now I HAVE to attack the Laundry monster that’s been attacking my hamper for 2 weeks…Check back in a couple hours 🙂

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My Nose Business

OK… Its Tuesday and my brain has stopped working completely.. so.. instead of thinking of something funny, and actually interesting to read I’m going to share something I wrote on my facebook last year. Hope you enjoy. I may be back when my brain stops hitting snooze.

So.. I know that a lot of you will be missing my crazy Sharon stories… I’ve got one for you today that I HAD to share…I warn you.. if you have a weak stomach.. Do NOT read this note… lol.. I promise you I’ll tell you a cleaned up version if you ding me.

I’ve been having headaches for.. months… headaches is the wrong word actually… It’s been one headache.. just varying in degree. I’ve been off work for a month and a half because it was so bad. So my Dr sent me for Xrays, and I’ve come back with “Severe Sintutitis“. or.. as my Dr put it “You have very bad…” and then waved her hand in front of her face… lol.Dr Lilly (my dr) sent me to an ENT specialist to have him take a look at my throat, which she said there were some concerns with as well.After waiting about 3 weeks for an appointment, I went on Monday to T.E.G.H. to have them look down my throat.. up my nose… and whatever other horrors I was imagining.

I got into the Drs office. He asked how I was feeling, I said fine and he said “then why the hell are you here?” LOL.. Nice… confidence level dropping… lol. He says “Im worried about your sinuses… Im going to take a look at them. The Xrays show there is something in your nasal passage.. about 2cm up (in? down?). He grabs a scope.. a VERY scary looking machine, and sticks it up my left nostril… I have a cold at the moment… I dont think that was a wise idea.. but he’s the Dr. He takes a look in the scope and says “Hmm.. this one is so blocked I can’t even see anything” Images of snot rose in my head like the sugar plumb fairy. He takes the scope and then jams it up my right nostril… and jam is no exaggeration…. I think it poked me in the eye!! The force of this THING in my nose caused me to slam my eyes shut and he says “oh no.. open your eyes….” I do and he says give me your hand”.. Im thinking… awww… what a comforting Dr… he sticks the scope in my hand and says.. “here! take a look”…


I’m looking at this DISGUSTING thing that looks a little like the swamp creature and he says “Thats your sinuses… what do you think of them” … what do I think? they’re… pretty?… pink… is there a right answer? My dr says “I dont like the look of them!” so I said.. “no.. me neither” and watched them move while I talked… strange… He says.. we need to take care of these… I’ll tell you what we’re going to do….2 weeks of antibiotics.. (I’ve just finished week 3 of antibiotics!! no more pills!!) Nasal spray for 3 months… (I HATE nasal spray!! It burns!!!!)and a sinus rinse…

hmm.. that sounds.. pleasant… like a trip to the spa… or like a rinse at the hair dressers… He says let me get you the kit.


He returns with 2 boxes.. hmmm.. this doesn’t look good…he hands me one box with a scary picture of a HUGE bottle on it. he says…What your going to do is fill this bottle with warm water…. open a package of the solution, pour it into the bottle, and then.. standing over a sink…. slowly squeeze the bottle allowing the solution to entre your nasal cavity…


Im a little worried.. it sounds a little creepy… but.. its going to help so I am ok with it.. then… dumb me has to ask…”why stand over a sink?”

“oh.. because the solution is going to run out your mouth.”


Your kidding… right? He says no… this is what you have to do so that we can get a clear cat scan….

“out my mouth?”

I practically sprint out of the Drs office once he says I can go and into the waiting car. I rip open the box when I get in the car and discover a bottle the size of… well… the size of a 240mL bottle… for those of you who need some reference point… a can of coke is 355mL… and that 100 ML.. NOT a whole lot of difference!!!

On the instructions is a picture… of a woman… with her head over a sink.. and this bottle up her nose..

OMG he isn’t kidding!!!!!!

This AM was my first rinse… After a few tears… a few bad words… and a couple of “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” whines… I place the top of the bottle to my right nostril and squeeze.
You know that feeling when you dunk your head under water and forget to plug your nose? THAT is the feeling that instantly hits… but.. I keep on squeezing and I can feel SOMETHING behind my eye moving around.. (ITS ALIVE!!!) as I’m yelling to Shel in the next room “It feels GROSS!” I feel a trickle in my throat..

oh no… Im gonna yack!!!!!

But no.. instead… this salt water solution starts to dribble out… OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I start to freak out at the thot of it being not JUST solution that’s coming out..
I stop thinking that. The whole bottle MUST be gone.. Only to realize I’ve just put about ¼ of a ¼ of a bottle in my nose.. and I have to keep going…

15 min. later, I have a clear nasal passage… and can sell all the glorious smells that I haven’t smelt in months. The fresh paint that has just been done in our house. The smell of last nights subway (which is far better then the smell of THE subway). The starchy new couch smell as I sit down to wipe away the tears and… solution… that is lingering.Because he is the GREAT guy he is… and because he’s a little bit of a sucker… lol.. Shel agree’s to do a rinse with just warm water… so he knows how it feels… lolLOL….. ROFL… LMAO…. A few more bad words, a few more I don’t want to’s.. and a few more tears… and we BOTH can smell the glories of the new house… Wow… only 89 more days of doing that to go!!!!

And.. as we sit her.. laughing at our own stupidity for doing it… (him a little more then me.. because his was for fun… the fact that I HAVE to do this for 3 more months… NOT so funny!!) its strange… because you can actually feel your nasal passages fill back up… which.. when you think about WHAT they are filling up with… NOT so funny.

So that’s my Nasal story… Ahhh.. I feel better for having shared it with you.. lol… and the satisfaction that some of you out there are now gripping your nose going “OUCH” while others of you have stopped reading and made a mad dash for the bathroom. LoL

Welcome to my world…


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My Breakup With Monday

Dear Monday,

We both knew this was coming. We’ve argued for what seems like forever. You demanding that I MUST start my week your way. My pleading for you to stay away just a little bit longer.

I’m sure by now you know, there’s been other days. Tuesdays, just for the simple fact that they weren’t you. Thursdays seductive TV line up was too much to resist, although I tried.

But when it became clear that even my son was starting to detest you with cries of “No Momma!! Not Monday!”, that I knew I had to stop the hate. (although I secretly loved his craving to spend more time with me)

I tried to embrace all the good things you represented. A new week. Most times, a new job. New alone time, new chance at a skipped diet, or a forgotten hobby. “I’ll start Monday” I began to say. And in time, we grew together. We learned, not to love, but to accept the inevitability of our paths crossing.

This morning I woke up, not with an “UGH!! Monday!!” but with a “Hmm… I bet I can get a nap in today!” and we were great. I checked my email while I reflected over events past and future, for you have become my reflective day. I found in my email that you had brought me a token of our love, in the form of a contest win. You always did know my weakness. Through Captive Illusions Giveaways, you brought me a “Save The Hooters” Breast Cancer Awareness bag. One I had been looking for FOREVER!! And I read all this, and I remembered that we were great when we worked together.

Munchkin got ready for school without complaint, and embraced his own Monday. It was wonderful, us as a family. You, Me, Munchkin. I was in such a great mood that I decided to go out an pooper scoop before the lawn people came to cut the grass and rake our leaves. I smiled to myself as the crisp breeze swirled leaves around me, while I walked across the back lawn. Mondays are great, I thought. What else could I add to make this Monday even…

And then you got me!! Like I lion waiting to pounce, you and your deceitful promises were gone as my favorite WHITE sketchers slipped in a pile of poop hidden by a small pile of leaves. The air was no longer crisp, and as it turned cold and blew across me, I could hear your evil Monday laugh through the trees, mocking me, and my trusting nature.

So its enough. I can’t take it anymore. Which is why we have to break up. I will try to think of our good times together, and wont speak ill of you in front of Munchkin. He’s too easily influenced. I would also like to retain visiting rights for 9:30PM on Monday nights… Darn you Big Bang Theory with you’re irresistible nerd humour! I will try to keep these visits civil.

Goodbye Monday!


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