Drabby to Fabby Friday

09 Oct

So this week has been awesome. I went from writing a blog that was pretty much just a fancy diary that Shel read, to a blog that OTHER people are reading!! and commenting on! I even have followers!! Its awesome!! I’ve met SO many nice people this week! And its soo great because every time I read a blog, I go “I totally understand where she’s coming from!” or “OMG me too!!” LOL.

Waiting for my Visa to come through to go to the states, having had to move back to my parents house with Hayden just shy of my 30th birthday, I was feeling low… Sorta like I was playing a game of emotional limbo with God where I kept hearing “How low can you go?” I felt on my own, alone, low low low. But now, random people I’ve never met are making me smile. I’m reading all these cool tips on stuff, or even just that there are other moms out there who are doing/feeling things I’m doing/feeling.

So I guess in a way, I’ve done my own emotional Drabby to Fabby. Oh oh!! and those of you who read my blog before would notice that it got it’s own Drabby to Fabby makeover.

So what are some of the things I’m so excited about??

Well… right now, I’ve just become part of a great project called the Bloggerhood of the Travelling Not So Fat Pants. Click on the button on the right, and you can ready ALL about it. It’s so great, and I can’t wait till it’s size time!!

Also… click on the Drabby to Fabby button on the side, and check out not just the contest but spend some time in Mad Boastings of a cheapskate mom‘s drabby to fabby contest, roam around and check it out because she is one cool Chiquita banana.

There are so many great women out there in blogger land… I wish they ALL had buttons so I could show you… but… if you click on the “followers” on the bottom of the page, you’ll see 5 hip and happening people!

But I digress… today is Drabby to Fabby Friday! And this week it’s eyes!! I dreaded this one. Wondered if this particular feature would pop up… and it did. Why don’t I like eyes? I have a lazy eye, and most times its not that noticeable. Throw some eye make up on them, and I tend to look like I’ve been caught halfway through a wink. But oh well, lets give it a try 🙂 After a basically sleepless night last night, this should be interesting..

So… without further delay, here’s my Drabby

And my Fabby

And.. lol… my not so fabby lazy eye… 😛

Tada!! Of course, I should have checked for eye makeup remover BEFORE my Fabby make-over


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4 responses to “Drabby to Fabby Friday

  1. Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom

    October 9, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    LOL Seriously I could not even tell! I too have to put a link in for my DTFF pics. I need some brow love and that will be post two for next week!

    Do you have ponds cream? That makes a good makeup remover Either that or warm water with a little bit of soap just keep your eyes shut, haha

    With or without the eye makeup you are lovely, my dear!

  2. DiPaola Momma

    October 10, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    LOOK at them lovely lady lashes! Where did you get them? They HAD to have come with glue because NOBODY has long boys like that.. okay well maybe I don't have them so I just get cranking about it ;0)

    YOU and your blog BOTH look FABBY! Thanks for playing, thanks for reading and thanks for writing a blog I dig.. off to check out these PANTS of which you speak.. did I go a bit Yoda on ya there? sorry

  3. Mrs. Sheila

    October 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    I awarded you a “gorgeous blog” award! Come by and snag it ( and share it)!

  4. Mom's Place

    October 13, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    Awww!!! You are so pretty! With and without makeup!


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