Holy Hair Batman!!!

18 Oct
So my way cool blogger friends Cheapskate and DiPoala have come up with yet another great Drabby to Fabby. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these chicks and their ideas!! I wait ever so patiently (Translation: Drumming my fingers on the laptop, biting my nails) for the weekly contest posts. Not so that I can win cool stuff… and trust me… they have WAY cool swag. But because it gives me a chance to stop, and focus on me for a bit, and not feel guilty about it. The first contest I entered, I KNOW that I wouldn’t have gotten changed out of my PJ’s at all if it hadn’t been for them. Then came the eye contest. I hadn’t unpacked my makeup bag from my trip to Atlanta this summer until last week’s contest… 2 months, and the sea shells I put in there in Myrtle Beach were still there!! This week, in their biggest contest yet… AND its my FAVORITE topic… HAIR!!!!! They have some great freebies from Bubbles Salons and Cibu International!!

If you know me in real life, you know my hair obsession… You know the many faces (strands?) of Sharon’s hair… but… if you don’t… and you can’t smell burnt hair strands from where you’re sitting, here’s a little Photo montage to give you an idea of the shape my hair is in…

In the beginning, there was hair. And the hair was good. Free of chemicals, long, flowing… well, you’ll see….

OK… so maybe that’s a little bit too far back, but it is honestly one of the few pics I have with my hair “Normal”.

This is the other one I was able to find. My hair got darker as I got older till we reached what I like to call mud brown. 😛

I didn’t like the dark, so I went to blond, and then from their through high school went red, green, brown, and a colour Shel at the time lovingly called Ronald McDonald red. (I don’t have a picture of that colour… I’ve searched everywhere…) (its also the first time he ever made me cry… lol.. so much for me hiding how much he meant to me THEN!)

So then long wasn’t working for me, especially with a newborn at home who LOVED to yank on it…lol. I went short… and experimented with different colours…

Then cutting stopped being a priority as I discovered the magic of the clip…. my hair was up 24/7 as soon as it was long enough to go up.

Then I cut my OWN hair one evening, and we went back to short..

(The pic below is July, just before I went to see Shel for summer vacation)

And now we’re here… the pic I took last week after dying my hair with a box of dye I found while packing… (it was only… 2 years old… lol)

So. As you can imagine, when my future husband runs his hands through my luxurious lox’s of hair… well… he’s lucky he doesn’t get splinters. So a Gift basket from Bubbles and Cibu…. would be wonderful for my hair… and hubby hands 🙂 and my hair would be so nice and soft for wedding pictures… :):):):):):):):)
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One response to “Holy Hair Batman!!!

  1. Charisse and Holly

    October 18, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Only have a few minutes…and in about 5 minutes I hope to post my awards. There should be two awards articles. Check out the latest one…because it has your name on it! What! Could this be your first award…I think it is! Happy Sunday. Holly at


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