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The Cat’s out of the Bag… or…

The SECRET is Out of The States!

McHubby and the Elder one came to Canada for Thanksgiving weekend!!

He didn’t think he’d be able to make it at first, so he told me he wasn’t coming. But then he talked to his boss, who said… GO!! So he was planning on surprising me, but I cried the other night telling him I thought he was coming but that I wasn’t sure, and how devastated I would be if he wasn’t when I was convinced he was. He’s good… he still wasn’t going to tell me. But then I played my ace card…

I am an “I’m fine” “nothings wrong” girl. If something is bothering me that I think is better if I handle on my own, I’ll try it… and when McHubby asks what’s wrong, he’ll get a “nothings wrong baby”. But there’s an exception. McHubby will then say “Promise?” and with that one word, those 7 letters, I’m stuck. Promises are pretty serious business for us… in fact THE biggest. 16 years worth of promises will do that to you.

So… when I said to McHubby “Promise me your not coming?” and he responds with something OTHER then the word promise, I knew!!

We decided not to tell the Munchkin. At least someone needed to be surprised. So Wednesday at noon, after school let out for the day, McHubby and The Eldest jumped in the car and started cruising along. OR that was the plan.

We emailed each other throughout the day, talking about the trip, the much needed bonding of the two travellers, and the surprise for Munchkin. Around 6:30, I said to McHubby “What’s your ETA, I still have some stuff to do.”

“hmm… 11:30pm. Sorry its so late Baby.”

“I don’t care, I’ll get to see you! I plan on putting Munchkin to bed, and then jump in the shower and clean the bathroom.”

“Cool… yeah… 11:30”

and then for some reason I say “I need to know. Because I’d be SO upset if you showed up here and I didn’t have those things done”

“Oh… hmm… well, maybe 10.”

How can you just shave an hour off travel like that?

“Baby… what time!”

“Um…. 10… yeah… 10… but maybe you should get in the shower now, just in case.”


“Um… maybe 9?”

“Tell me where you are right now?!?”

“Hamilton” (1.5 Hours from my house!!)

Me at that point “B*A*D**W*O*R*D*S!!!”

so surprise #2 was ruined too, but it was ok…

They got here, and The Eldest walked into Munchkin’s room to say Good Night.


They’re here till Sunday afternoon. I am going to miss them like the end of the world when they’re gone. But WOW it’s so great for all of us to lay on the bed and watch a movie!! And the Pooch LOVES having them here.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!! I know a lot of you have done “Thankful” posts. I’ll post pictures of MY thankful weekend soon.


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Admitting you have a problem is the first step…

I’m going to say something I don’t often say. In fact, McHubby could probably vouch for me that he’s only heard what I’m about to say… maybe once or twice in the 15 years we’ve known each other.

*deep breath* I… need help.

Back in the day, back when McHubby and I were living in sin occasional roommates, (thanks to Mama B for the awesome phrase I plan to steal use over and over) we were both working. Money was and will always be an issue, but as far as groceries were concerned… it wasn’t one we were too worried about at the time. (Cant buy me love, and all that crap sentiment, right?) Before that, I was living on my own, Pre-Munchkin, working a SWEET paying job, and practicing the old Binge and Purge, so again… groceries were NOT a priority.

In 24 days, I’m getting married (what? you didn’t know?? What rock have YOU been living under?? It’s called an archive… check it out :P) McHubby and I have already talked about it, and you know what I’ll be doing in 25 days? (Yeah yeah, get your minds out of the gutter!! That too, but Sexy Time is NOT where this post is going) In 25 days, I’ll be hitting the grocery store. Buying and planning meals for the boys, McHubby and I.

I’m a little freaked out by it!! I want to get the best bang for our poop buck. I want to have GREAT meals that fill their tummies with loving goodness, but… I don’t want to go broke while doing it. Missy over at Are you there God – it’s me, did a post today on the stuff she bought, and how much she saved doing it. It’s All Free Online has a great contest going for a coupon organizer. Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom has some awesome suggestions on meatless meals (great for me as a the only vegetarian in the family. Ugh! compromise.) and how they save you money but… Its all floating around out there. How do I capture it and make it work for my family?

I’ve never used a coupon in my life. I don’t know how it works… is it just one per product? or one per whole grocery bill? Here in the frosty white north, twice a week, someone drops a bunch of flyer’s at my house, and my parents go through it to see where the best deals are to buy groceries. Do they have the same kind of thing in the states? In VA?

Here we have “degrees” of grocery stores. There’s the cheap cheap one, then a middle one (or two) and then the high end grocery store. And some of them are chains found all across the country. Is it the same there? Are there good days to go? sale days?

I know people use coupon websites, but… where?how?

Obviously I should have some sort of menu idea before I hit the stores, but… should it be a week long menu? some people plan month long menu’s? I have no idea….

I’m in WAY over my head here…

I figure if I can approach it the same way I approach ANY kind of shopping, I should be fine. My kids however… they may need to stay home for this one.

Please please please tell me your shopping secrets. How do you do it? Where do you shop? Where do you get your coupons? TEACH ME!!!! P-L-E-A-S-E??????????????

Munchkin was NOT impressed with the wait for me to finish shopping one afternoon, so he decided to make himself comfortable.

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disjointed disclosure… (Hey look! finally a fancy title!)

I wanted my 100th post to be a real zinger! Something to celebrate the essence of the blog. I’ve put off posting because I’ve wanted to get the words exactly right. But they have failed me. Real life caught up to me and I’ve been busy trying to ignore deal with it that the 100th celebration just didn’t pan out.

Speaking of real life… It’s crazy these days!!

1 day till my “surprise” from McHubby. I just have to get through today. That’s it. I still can’t blog about what the surprise is, but I’m bursting at the seams here! (AND the surprise is killing me too :P) Said surprise will leave me with little time for blogging over the next few days, which is why I want to get this 100th one done today.

On a completely related unrelated topic, I need to get my house clean. NOW! Today! NO way around it. It’s surprise related. and because I NEED to… let me tell you every other procrastinating thought going on in my head right now.

25 days till the wedding! My best friend from high school is loaning me her dress, and I LOVE her for it! She’s the only one who’s been there for EVERY mess up I’ve ever had, and I’m so happy she gets to be there for one of the things I plan to do right! (plus its really funny because when we were in grade 9, she used to call McHubby a dirty old man whenever she caught him lusting after the hotness that was teenage me).

Amanda and I in high school! Yep! We went out and got our matching jacket pictures taken at walmart 😛 This is the year we got the schools manager of the year award for managing the boys hockey team… AND the year that I walked into the dressing room to fill water bottles and saw my first real life naked boy (and crush at the time) walking out of the shower… OOPS! 😉 Poor guy, I don’t think we were ever able to look each other in the eye again without giggling. But I did not take kindly to the whole, you saw mine, I should get to see yours suggestion OR the suggestion that My boyfriend should get to see his Girlfriend!

But thats a whole OTHER blog post.

The teenage hotness that was me 😛 As you can see, the idea for the Cullen’s pail vampire skin was from THIS prom picture. and no… thats not the “Pervy” McHubby. Its just the pervy classmate.

My brother showed up at the house yesterday with a wedding dress. My Sister in Law got it from freecycle (the bestest sight ever, as long as you have a car… which I don’t). Its the “fall back” dress in case we need extra material for the other dress to fit. I tried it on, and its lacy and bead-y and… well… a wedding dress. After the first minor panic attack trying it on, I put it on a second time to show my dad when he got home from work. McHubby called just as the fashion show was starting, and we had a long distance family crisis. (Which I’m afraid I didn’t help with too much because I was too busy laughing and saying “What an idiot” regarding the Eldest, in the most loving way possible (sorry baby. I know I should have been more supportive). So when McHubby said he was close to tears, I had to tell him that I’d been sitting there talking to him for 25 min, wearing this wedding dress. At least he laughed for a minute. (My sister in law Krystyne, modeling the freecycle wedding doylie dress.)

My dog is a chewer. NOTHING in the house is sacred, and if I were honest with myself, part of the reason I LOVED my job at the vets was because of the huge discount I got on vet services, because I knew that EVENTUALLY we’d have to have surgery to remove a sock glove pop bottle plastic bag heel of my FAVORITE pair of MILF boots *tear* facecloth Superman action figure last chapter of my favorite book toy from his garbage disposal belly. Last week I bought him a chicken. A rubber chicken wearing a pink polka dot bikini. I took pictures of it before i gave it to him, prepared to take pictures 15 min later, which is the LONGEST a chew toy has lasted in our house. (Why is it the most expensive toys for “tough chewers” are the ones that are gone after the second chomp?) We are on day 4 ladies and gentlemen. And this chicken hasn’t so much as lost a polka dot. BUT… something strange has happened. Bernie has become attached at the hip lip to this thing. In the middle of the night I hear its annoying squeak as he brings it into his crate with him. When its time for him to go and play in the back yard, once I put his leash on, he turns around and grabs the chicken. 2 days ago he took the thing on a 30 min walk! I’ve NEVER seen anything like it! I picked up the chicken the other night, and was squeaking it almost subconsciously while watching TV, and he got mad at me! Took it from me, dropped it on the floor, sniffed her all over, then laid down and gave her a slobber bath! It’s his Baby!!! My pup is a puppy mill survivor, which almost guarantees he was taken from his mama LONG before he should have been. So this parental instinct has come from where? I asked McHubby and he said from me. But I think he meant it in that I took all my baby-needing hormones and projected them onto the dog and this toy kinda way. Its OK baby. I know you think I’m crazy. but you’re sticking around… whats that make you?? I love you.

Busy rest of the week at my place. I’ve decided to go see SAW VI on Thursday (I have a love hate relationship with horror movies. I LOVE watching them from between my fingers as I cover my eyes, and I HATE how they scare me so bad I need to pee with the bathroom door open). Friday I think I’m taking Munchkin out of school for the day. Date day. Maybe take him to New Moon. (YES! I know! He’s 7!! Probably not appropriate, and I got stopped last week by the librarian who asked me to explain to Munchkin for the 3rd time why he’s not allowed to check out Twilight on Library day but he’s already seen the first one, and he LOVES the idea!) Santa Claus Parade in my brothers town on Saturday, and family dinner Saturday night. Oh yeah… and THE surprise in there somewhere… 🙂
McHubby and I at the Parade his first year back in Canada… apparently he wasn’t used to the cold 😛
So you can see my brain is at capacity. And through it all, I’ve not entered a single contest this week. Im going through withdrawl

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Surprise!! I already knew!!

I guess its pretty obvious that yesterday was a shitty ass bad day. Its just that sometimes being separated from my family hits a little harder then other times.

So last night, with McHubby and I both emotionally drained from raising a teenager, I finally voiced what had been on my mind for the past couple days. I can’t tell you here what it is, because it will ruin it for a couple of our RL people who read this. But… I can tell you that by telling him what was on my mind… I ruined a surprise he had planned. (hee hee… of course if you emailed and asked I could probably tell you… 😀 )

I’ve mentioned before McHubby LOVES surprises… I honestly think that to him, a surprise might actually be better than some good ol‘ sexy time. He goes out of his way to try and find ways to surprise me…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE surprises! I love it when he does something (big or little) that catches me off guard. Thing is, I love them but I’m not very good at them. I get this gut feeling that there’s something up, and I cannot let it drop.

This was one of those cases. I pestered him enough last night that he spilled the beans. Then I was over the moon, but at the same time, sad because I ruined it for him.

So to squash my guilt, and t make him smile his goofy sexy “I got my way”smile I’m going to do something nice for him… I’m going to tell him what I want for Christmas.

McHubby, listen carefully… here are the ground rules I’m putting in place for this.

I DO NOT want you going out to purchase everything that is on this list.
I do NOT want you to be sad if you cannot get the things on this list… just… store them away for future reference.

Ok? ok! Here you go baby. I hope it makes you smile

1) Heels… I was packing this weekend and realized that don’t own any. ANY! It made me sad. When I was growing up, my mom never had a pair of heels. She always wore these sensible black shoes, and I always thought she should have had a pair. I think they would have made her smile. I know the though of owning some sexy shoes of my own makes me smile. But… I’ve got to be honest… I’m going to end up wanting more then one pair.. (in fact I want all 5 below! lol… and a black pair… but… we’ll start with one…
2) You are awesome at this one… and I know its been hard because of the distance. But… do you remember when you were working at the airport and we were living in Mississauga, and you used to bring me flowers after your morning shifts? I LOVE that about you. I want a vase… just one… somewhere in the house. One that will always have flowers in it. Flowers that you buy me (or the kids on my birthday and mothers day :P) It doesn’t have to be filled with roses or anything. It could be daisies, or even flowers you pick from our front garden. I don’t care. As long as they’re there.
3) I have wanted a charm bracelet ever since I was a little girl. I’ve never had one, and I’ve entered about 5 blog contests this month alone, just for a shot of getting one. The charms? You can pick them. As long as they have meaning… to us… then I’ll love them. (oh yeah… and if you don’t like this idea, I could go for the watch we never ended up getting this summer 🙂
4) I dream of dinners together as a family… meals simmering on the counter as I clean the house, or while we take some family time. I love love love that thought. I dream about it. ALL the time. The house filling with the smell of a great dinner, meals together around the table, talking about our day… I promise not to open it and be like that woman who gets a vacuum for Christmas. This is truly on my I want list… one smoking cool slow cooker (I like the ones where the inside thing comes out so its easier to clean. like the one my folks have.
5) and last but not least, one of these…

I know… its frowned upon to give gift cards for Christmas, but that’s what I want. I need clothes… nice fancy meet your friends/family/co-workers clothes. It seems my wardrobe has shrunk to a couple pairs of jeans, and sweat pants. I don’t want to be that mom, and I DO NOT want to be that wife. Working at the shelter, holding someones hand as they puke all over me, cleaning out the “dungeon” as the sewer backs up while I stand on boxes… the wardrobe was practical… its not any more, and I want the new life to start on the right foot… AND… the gift card works because its easier then asking you to buy me clothes for a couple reasons.
I think that’s it… that’s my list… 🙂


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Wishing Wednesday

When I was working at an addictions center my first year out of college, we had a lot of clients who had a case of the “shoulda’s”. I shoulda walked away from that last drink. I shoulda kept my mouth shut rather then screaming at the cops. I shoulda called my kid on his/her birthday. We as a care team tended to discourage the shoulda’s, finding that they tended to make the clients feel like failures, like now that the haze had cleared, that their choices were dumb. Although they weren’t great choices at the time, we didn’t want anything adding to the “Stinkin’ Thinkin'” (I don’t know what we had about the apostrophes) that came from a lot of the work we were doing.

Today I’m in a rut… not with shoulda’s, but with wishing… wishing things were different, wishing things that I really have no control over. And its putting me in a rotten mindset. I’m trying to put them out of my mind but when I do, more wishes just fill the spot. Don’t get me wrong. Its not all bad. There are some great wishes in there. Fabulous wonderful wishes.

I need to get them out. things are always clearer for me when I’ve got it out on paper.

I wish that I didn’t have to wait 30 more days to reach out and touch McHubby. that I didn’t have to wait to hold his hand, be in his arms!

I wish that my 16 year old could learn what I admit I couldn’t at 16. That he’s a good kid, and that people will like him for who he is, and not for who he’s trying to be. I wish he could get a flash of where his life could be headed if he only believed in himself like his dad and I do!

I wish that my 10 year old was going to be with us for Christmas. It’s going to be our first Christmas together as an “official” married family, and its going to be missing a huge piece because of the spirit and determination he brings to everything. I wish he knew… or maybe just … believed that he’ll be missed so much this year.

I wish that switching schools would be easy for my munchkin. He’s been through so much in his little life, having “family” members appear and disappear from his life, changes over and over, and this is going to be a big one. I wish that he hadn’t needed to grow up as fast as he had to help out his single mom for so many years.

I wish there were words to tell McHubby how much his patience has meant to me as I’ve adjusted to this whole relationship thing. He’s had a lot to deal with, since I’m relationship challenged, and carrying around more baggage then an aircraft carrier. I wish I could tell him in advance how sorry I am for every mental breakdown I’m going to suffer over the silliest of things.

I wish that I could be one of those people who are SO sure of themselves. That I had the self confidence to accept myself for who I am, instead of having to cover every mirror in my house, and removing the ones attached to my bedroom furniture.

I wish that today would just be over. That it would be bedtime, so it could be “our” time again, so I could see your face, see you smile, hear you laugh.

I wish…

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Because I not-so-secretly envy you

I’m jealous of you. All of you and your product reviews, your giveaways, contests, and your sweet sweet product testing.

I went so far as to google product reviews the other day. So I could learn the secret of giving away blog love swag too! And do you know what I found from my google search? Sweet spam mail nothing. The one site I did find that listed the one helpful tip I could find was to start off by reviewing things I had around the house.

I’m moving! Boxes scattered everywhere! Anything good I had is already in VA. All that’s left are my camera and my broken piece of crap laptop. Hmm …

Here for your reading pleasure is my review of the HP Notebook series G60 review.

The HP Notebook G series from the outside looks like most every other laptop out there today. (with the exception of the very rustic commodore 64 throwback that is the MAC)

Consumers who purchase the HP Notebook G series will be glad to know it has a flippidy-do ram memory with 1 zillion gb of flin-flan and a graphic package of Who-ee calories per bite. Or is it bites per serving?

HP comes with some great features that will help you along the way.

Messy keys! It happens to the neatest of us. The munchkins are playing a game on our laptop and crumbs find their way in between the keys. Or your overly furry pet is basking in the warmth of your laptop and their fur finds it’s way in between your keys. HP has come up with an excellent way to solve that problem.

With keys “O” “L” and “.” removed, your access to cleaning away the crumbs and unwanted pet hairs can become much easier.

A state-of-the-art sound card allows you to watch the best pirated movies out there. But HP once again has gone that step further. While watching your illegal copy of Paranormal Activity you can count on the sound being enhanced by what seems to be an extra piece of plastic floating around and hitting the fan inside your laptop. What a great way to really get involved in the movie.
Always find yourself running late? Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the HP Notebook G series is the fact that the internal clock falls back 3 hours roughly once every two days. Another great thing about THIS feature is that there’s no need for you to turn it on. This seems to be a feature that is activated from day One of your purchase.

But the piece d’resistance is probably the incredible customer service you receive. HP really goes above and beyond. They know how frustrating early morning deliveries can be, having to get dressed and prepared. They know how pesky those company calls can be so they forgo them for your convenience, often shipping your package in accordance either the tidal pull of the moon or the earths gravitational rotation. Having trouble breaking free from farmville’s evil grasp? An important assignment for work that you just need more time to finish? HP recognizes those needs and accommodates them as best they can, in my case shipping the needed replacement part 3 weeks after it was requested. Taking care of all those pesky blogging, sleeping and communicating issues I was suffering from.

**Note… I cannot promise that your HP Notebook G series will have these same features as mine. These are just the wonderful added bonuses my family found after the 3 HP Notebooks that we purchased and reviewed. If you purchase one and find that yours does not live up to the review posted, then … well.. give it a few months, I bet you’ll see these great features and more pop up in yours.

OK… So it may not get me products to review, but at least I was able to share with you my rewarding exsperience 🙂 and yep… that’s my actual keyboard with the missing keys! ALL the ailments listed above have occurred in my NEW laptop since March. However to send it back means I loose everything on it, including my 30G of pictures. :s

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oh for laptops sake!!

I hate my laptop. I really do!! A few months back my cord broke, and its under warranty so I did the right thing and called and got them to send me a new one. THREE weeks later, it came!! ARGH!!! after an angry letter to the company which got the typical form letter response, and voila.. nothing happened. no sorry for the 3 week wait that nobody informed you about… nothing.

So, I sucked it up, and went on my merry notebook way.

Last night when I rolled over in the middle night, my laptop was darker then it usually is. I looked and sure enough… my laptop was reading that it was running on battery power, while it was plugged in. I’ve changed the outlets its plugged in to, I’ve fiddled with the cord… I’ve turned the laptop off for a few hours… nothing. its not working! and I am SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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