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I’m loading the Uhaul!

No really… I am!

I know yu think I’m sitting here blogging… but that would be wrong after sending McHubby and The Eldest downtown to get his divorce certificate, and our marriage license.  How insensitive would it be of me, after McHubby battled with The Eldest about getting up (at-God forbid- 9:30) and bribing him with coffee, of me to grab my laptop and sneak into the bathroom to blog??

Wrong wrong wrong I tell you!!

So thats why Im not doing it.  So today you’ll miss out on hearing things like that its 23 hours and 55 min till the wedding! or that while loading the uHaul, I climbed my fat anxious ass up into it and tipped the damn thing over, spilling boxes into my driveway…

So that you know… I’m not blogging, but I just heard something outside, so now I have to stash the laptop under the sink and make it look like it was just a regular potty break.



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All I want for Christmas is a big fat list!

I’m not a New Years resolution person.  I think making a resolution for myself is just setting up for failure.  You come out of the gate like a race horse on New Years day, and by Jan 31st, I’m hurtin’!

So I’m not making resolutions this year.

I’m making lists.

Things I’d like to have done, but.. not a MUST… so.. its like a relaxed suggestion
(YES! there ARE differences between lists and resolutions! I swear!!)

So whats on my list for this year?

* Loose a person.  I am the weight of two healthy individuals trapped in one unhealthy body.  NOT cool!  McHubby has picked my up a treadmill, we’ve now got an eliptical, and a boxing bag.  I’m doing the cooking, the shopping, and the menu planning, so no more excuses!!

* my 30G’s of pictures. I love them, and they’re organized into pretty little folders, but…  a folder maked Hayden, for 7 years of pictures, still makes things hard to find.  I’d like to have them organized, AND I’d like a CD with them on.. well… LOTS of CD’s to cover the 30G.

* I’m going to start the 52 week challenge in January.  Don’t know what that is?  Check here

*Teach Bernie 3 new tricks… Which ones? I don’t know.  He’s got a cuple down.  Sit, lay down, paw, high 5, turn around, touch, quiet, Baby (which means get his toy), and Who’s baby are you? (Where he licks my nose when I ask him).  We’re working on Wave at the moment… but its going slow…

*To save enough money to go see The Middle One this summer.  And once that is spent, to save enough to start the baby making process, because I NEED me some baby! (I’ve gone from the staring at every baby going “awwww” stage, to not being able to look at one without bursting into tears.  Time to get a move on this plan, I think.

~~~And can I just add, that I know I’ve been a horrible SITSter, and NOT sharing the comment love as much.  I am so sorry.  I catch your comments on the fly, and am loving them.  I’m reading your blogs, but am so far behind at the moment that I’m literally reading blog after blog, and making my mental notes to comment when the chaos has settled.  I PROMISE!


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Random Is as Random Does

So somehow it doesn’t sound as good as Stupid is as stupid does when my friend Forrest said it.

But you get the idea.

If you were to walk around my house you’d fine too many some boxes not closed.  They are my crap odds and ends boxes.  Little random things I figured I’d need before the move, I kept out. Now I’m on round 3 of the packing, and I’ve got 1 box in each room that random junk things can be tossed into.  This hurts my little OCD heart. It means that unpacking will be normal messy and unorganized.

Todays post will be the same.  Typical for my scttered little brain Random.  I’ve got a bunch of things, none long enough for a post but too long for post it note Tuesday. So here goes…

Dear Woman by the Park with the bitchy unpleasent Spaniel,
It must be convenient to live so close to the park. To just let your dog run around while you’re inside drinking, napping, whatever it is that keeps you from your dog.  It must be great to never have to pick up doggy do because my son carries it home n his boot each day after school, and it must be WONDERFUL to know that because your dog is small, it doesn’t pose a threat to anyone.  If my son steps in your dogs crap one more time I’m going to wipe it off on your lovely straw mat you keep outside your front door.  If your dog attempts to attack my 110lbs dog ONE more time, be warned that I will kick her to defend my dog if it comes down to it.

Dear Eldest,
You were born into what some would say are some privillaged catagories.  You’re male, Caucasian, Born to a 2 parent family, living in a country where, sadly, as much as we’re trying to change it, THOSE things are important.  You weren’t abused as a child, you weren’t abandoned as a baby at a fire hall, or left behind in school.  You have a mom, dad, step mom, brother, step brother, 3 sets of grandparents, and assorted uncles, aunts and cousins who all love you.  So PULL UP YOUR PANTS, DON’T suck your teeth at people, put your baseball hat on right, and pull the eminem CD out of your butt.  “YO” is not an accepted response in an argument, and its annoying as heck!  You feel me San? (I love you! 😛 )

Dear Super Mom,
I know we’ve had our differences, you thinking my youngest son is a troublemaker and a liar, my thinking your a meddeling bitch bitch who’s son is going to call his 6th grade teacher mommy, because you’ve not let him spread his wings on his own, but making sure you’re EXTRA nice to my kid, chasing him down just to say hi, isn’t going to make up for the SLANDER you spread against him in the playground.  When a 7 year old can say “Not to be rude or anything but that lady is a suck up!” it’s going a little to far.

Dear Random Internet Readers I seek advice from,
Hayden tried on his tux yesterday and said “Can I wear this every day?  I look like Edward.  But I’m still team Jacob, Momma.” Should I be worried??

Dear George Clooney,
HELLO!!! (You never know… he might stumble across this blog sometime).


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OCD strikes again!

5 days people!! 5 days!!

So in the interest of packing and getting everything done to not rush… I’m sitting on my bed watching movies. Somehow the boxes DON’T seem to be packing themselves, which leads me to believe that all the fairytales I read as a child were full of it misleading. No Cobler elves to put the soles on shoes, no mice working at all hours to get my dress for the ball ready, and certainly not any dancing singing dishes jumping into their own boxes.

What a load of crap false advertising.

So… while the “holding area” for the boxes looks like this…

The dresser in my room looks like this.

What exactly IS this? These are my bags… 4 of them… the first is the “Wedding Bag”, hair straightner, corset, make up bag, etc.
Next in the back is my “Documents” bag, so that when we hit the border, and need to get my visa, Voila! All in this handy dandy bag.
The small blue and grey on is Hayden’s car bag. In it, some toys, his DS, iPod, Pokemon cards, and Books.
The pink one is MY car bag, with everything I think we might need while driving… meds, wallet, toiletries etc.
The small one at the end? It’s my “Animal car bag” treats for Bern to get him in and out of the car, poop bags, flashlight, food for the hamsters, water bottle….

Each one has a list attached to it that I check off when things are added to it.

The U-haul might take forever to fill because things are scattered, but the van… IT will be organized.


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Dear former hotness that was me!

My SITSter, Chocolate Covered Daydreams has a pretty great contest going on to win a wii fit plus. After the holiday season, who COULDN’T stand to get in shape, and I could use ALL the help I can get, since I’ll be unpacking from the move, and sulking about how fat I looked in my wedding dress. So I for one know this is a GREAT thing for me to win. So I’m going to try my hardest. Click here, and you’ll fine the rules for winning a wii fit plus. Click here and you’ll be sent to e-bay, where you can attempt to buy one. Given my anorexic pocket book this Christmas season, I’ll take the challenge, and write my letter.

Dearr Former Hotness that Was Me, grade 9.
(Thats just a little name game we play. I call her Former hotness that was me, she calls me fat ass Put That Donut Down Future Me!)
What were you thinking letting your friend cut your bangs?!?! The week before picture day?!? Don’t worry… it grows back, and you’ll only be mocked about it for… um… about 2 years.

You know that chick who sits across from you in morning class? Right now, she hates you. But hang in there, because once you buy new shoes, she’ll soften up, and by the time you’re thirty, she’ll still be your best friend. Oh… and speaking of that. Contrary to what you thought, you’re NOT wearing Depends at 30, and have only had ONE peeing your pants accident. (althought you should practice doing kegals now, because once you’ve pushed a missile out of your vagina, those will REALLY come in handy for coughing, sneezing, or any trampoline jumping you may plan on doing)

Be nicer to that boy (Mountain Boy) who sits behind you in society challenge and change class. A year from now he’s going to save your life from a psycho stalker in your school, and support you the whole way through the trial. So what he has ducktape holding his shoes together, and purposly cuts straight lines in his jeans and everyone calls him garbage boy? He’s actually a pretty decent kid, and you end up shattering his heat in a million pieces first year of college, so… be nice to him now to make up for it.

Get out there and do stuff. Go to a couple parties. Hang out with people. Because when you grow up, you’ll want to look at these days as great moments. (and wont be grown up when you turn 17!) However, here area a couple of things that when you get older, you’ll wish you hadn’t done. DONT accept a ride from the creepy guy who pulls up at the bus station and offers to drive you to work. Don’t walk down that dark alley downtown at midnight, when every bone in your body is telling you to run away from the creep you’re with, and… well… just listen to that little voice. You’re a pretty smart kid (I’m sorry!!! WOMAN) and you know whats on the level and whats not.

I know this is getting long, and your attention span is only as long as one episode of 90210, but just a couple more things.

You know the guy? THE guy? McCute Older guy? The one you spend all your time daydreaming about, trying to find reasons to hang out with, and the one who’s lap you like to sit on during youth group meetings when there are no seats left? (btw, nice move!) Hang in there. Because 16 years from now, he’s going to ask you to marry him, and make you the happiest girl out there. Oh and while you’re at McCute Older guy’s house, babysitting his cute adorable little baby boy, snap a pic of him in the bath, or on the toilet, because 16 years from now, when you tell him to clean his room and he says “Mom I don’t want to!”, that pic will SO come in handy!

So… keep on doing most of what you’re doing now. And have fun, because things change when your an adult. You still have fun, but its WAY different. Yes that zit will go away, no Andrew not talking to you ISNT the end of the world, and you’re NOT going to die if you don’t get your 3rd eaar piercing. (But you DO need new shoes, Bullets just aren’t cutting it!)



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? any blogger Wiz people out there?

I want to add a second header to my blog, like a lot of you have.  One that will link to different pages.. like an “about me” one, a photo one… I dont know how to explain it even, but if you’ve been to Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom or A Nut in a Nutshell, thats the idea.

I have the HTML code to make it, just dont know how to make it all come together with a picture background.

Any ideas?

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