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Ok.. so it’s a little past noon, my announcement has obviously lost some of its shine, but here it is for those of you who couldn’t guess from the hints.

We’re moving!!!!

Some of you may remember that it was only 4 short months ago that my son and I packed up and moved to Virginia from Canada.

We knew that we’d be moving. McHubby was training here, so we knew the plan was to eventually have our own center.  And yesterday, we got our call.

We’re off to Nashville, and hopefully that will be our last move for a while. I’m a little nervous because Munchkin was just getting settled into a routine at the new school, with his new meds, and we were just getting a good handle on things with his teacher.  Having to up root all that we’ve worked on with him is a little nerve-wracking, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to get things in order.

So the last day of school is June 25th, thanks to Mother Nature and her decided to take a massive dump of snow on us, so we’ll be leaving June 26th to drive down. 

Stay tuned for all the fun and enjoyment of packing ALL over again.

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I have a secret!!!

I’m not allowed to tell what it is until Noon!!!

that’s just under 2 hours away!!! Are you kidding?!?!?!?!?

I find out a secret, I HAVE to blab it!! 

And this is an exciting one!!

Ok… McHubby said Noon… I can do this….

But maybe just a little hint… for those of you who are interested… maybe I could just tell you one thing….

Hmmm… Maybe that’s not enough of a hint… because you could think we bought a tape store… or that my OCD was getting the best of me… Maybe I found tape on sale…. I wonder if there IS tape on sale… but.. anyways… back to the secret….
Now that I think about it, that wasn’t a very good clue.  It was about as muddy as … a mud puddle? (hmm.. my brain must stil be asleep)
So… I think this is a much better clue…
Is it getting clearer?  Maybe not because random stacks of boxes can ALWAYS be found around my house. I LOVE to organize, so its not uncommon to find boxes laying about. In fact, there are a couple at my feet as I type.
That is it!! Thats the only hint I can give you!! Now please stop asking!!!!! You’re going to get me in trouble… and then I’m going to get this look!!!
And thats NEVER a good thing…

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It’s Earth Day!!

I have to admit I’m not sure what our family is doing for Earth Day this year.  We have Munchkin’s science fair tonight so I guess our house will be power free for a few hours. The Eldest one is in lock up, so the fridge will be closed for more then 5 minutes at a time, and the computer will get a rest.

I like to think we’re an environmentally friendly family to begin with.  We recycle, we reduce, we reuse.  When we look at purchases, we consider the impact on the environment. 

Munchkin has been a practicing vegetarian for about 3 months now.  By doing so, he can reduce his Carbon Footprint by up to 1.5 tons of CO2 a year.  Thats an incredible step for a 7 year old!

We have 3 kids.  We’re bringing at least 2 more into this crazy world. What kind of parents would we be if we didn’t do everything we can to help this planet stay healthy? We wont be bringing the babies home without baby proofing the house, so why would we without helping secure some kind of future for the world our babies will be growing up in?

I am an animal loving, tree hugging, earth kissing person, and I want my children to grow up seeing that, and hopefully joining in it, so I want to do whatever I can.

So imagine my surprise when I decided to check out the blog of one of my new commenters.  My Mecurial Nature had a really cool post about Earth Day.  And in it, she mentioned that her blog was going Carbon Neural. Are you kidding? How cool is that?? I didn’t even think about the fact that my blog LEFT a carbon footprint. 

(For those of you NOT in the know, a Carbon Footprins is “the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product” [1]. For simplicity of reporting, it is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide, or its equivalent of other GHGs, emitted.)

So… what can I do to change the Carbon Footprint caused by my Blog? is an organization that has made the commitment to plant a tree for every blog that meets the requirements (Blogs about the initiative). Pretty cool stuff!! 

So as of today,

co2 neutral shopping and coupons with


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Play Ball!

Alright Fellow Bloggers, and family members who lurk my blog (yep… I know you do it. Google shows me, so you can’t hide your shame!) I need your help. 

McHubby and I have a STRONG difference of opinion on something.  At first, when we’d discuss it, it literally caused us to fight. Now, about 2 months later, we’re at least able to laugh while we talk about it, but it’s still a sore topic.

I’m a girl (surprise!)

There are certian parts of the male anatomy that I won’t even pretend to understand.  For the sake of those of you who read with your kid on your lap, we’ll call them… Tenders. (After Munchkin came home from his first week in grade two calling them EVERY name imaginable, tenders was the only name we allowed in the house).

Being the only girl (for now) in a family of 4 boys, Tenders are discussed a lot more then you’d imagine.  Frequently through the house, you’ll hear “Careful! My tenders!”

I sometimes think that its a little bit of an exageration.  I’ll flop my hand down on the bed, and McHubby goes “Hey! that was almost my tenders!” I usually roll my eye’s and then flop my hand down again, a little closer this time to show that there were still miles and miles of room.

About 2 months ago, McHubby and I were on the couch watching TV with The Eldest.  I was laying down and my feet were in his lap.  I have tickleish feet. VERY! Like scream and yell and kick to get away if you tickle them.  So McHubby takes it upon himself to tickle my tootsies. In between gasps for air, I tell him to stop.  Like he’s going to, right?  So he keeps tickleing, and I’m pushing him, kicking, even punching his arm.  And he wont stop. So, I do what anyone would do when they’re being attacked. I tell him “If you tickle me again, I’m going to kick you in the tenders!”

And what does he do? Does he respond like any attacking animal would when a warning shot is fired off? NO! He starts tickling me again!

So I kicked him! Not hard, not some kind of tender rupturing shot, but… I kicked him. Right in the Tenders.

And here lays the problem. 

I kicked him. I take ownership that it may not have been the RIGHT thing to do.  BUT I told him I was going to do it!  He feels that all the responsibility lays with me, and my “Super kick”. But I disagree. 

If you do “A”, then “B” will happen.  If you still choose to do “A”, then you need to take ownership of it.  I am a woman of my word.  If I tell you I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it (as long as I remember. I have a memory like a Sive!).

If you steal, you’ll be arrested! If you steal anyways, is it the cops fault you got arrested?

If you don’t study, you’ll fail the test.  If you then fail, is it the teachers fault?

If you tickle me, I’ll kick you in the tenders… tickle tickle…. kick.  Is it ALL my fault? I think that he should take SOME ownership of the kick.

What do YOU think??


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I’ve bought baby clothes.

I’ve started collecting things for the nursery.

Like this cute shelf.

Free samples of diapers are slowly filling a container in my dining room.

Blankets have been washed, folded and stored away.

Family has been told what to expect.

If we’re lucky, this time next year we’ll be getting ready for our little one(s) to join our family. We’ll be a month away from holding them in our arms, a month away from our prince/princess.

I’m extactic, I can’t wait!

And I have to be honest.  There are a couple people who, when I’m around them, they give off this vibe that my son and I are “intruding” on something private, something we’re not really a part of.  I’ve got to be honest, when Becky and Sam hit the scene, it may just be the catalist I need to tell them what I really think, instead of dwelling on it till it builds up, like it does now. 

We have 2 sets of very happy grandparents anxiously awaiting, and making bets that our little one will be a boy.  But McHubby and I… We’ve got a feeling… and our Pink is waiting to join our family. Our PINK is waiting, and there are some people.. they can just eat their hearts out.

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*ring* *ring* *ring* *ring* *ring* *ring* Answering Machine – Thank you for calling Fairfax County 911.  Please hold and an operator will be with you.


Officer: “I’m sorry but I assume you’re… step mom? You look much too young to have a 16 year old”

See.. I knew there would be a silver lining in it somewhere… 😛

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Today is the day!

Dear Body,

Thank you so much for all you’ve done over the last 8 years.

Nurturing a little being, when at times it seemed impossible.

Staying healthy for 6 years despite all the things I did that would have made most people very sick. 

Withstanding years of abuse at the hands of someone else, and yet still holding on strong, making it easier to walk away when the time came.

We haven’t always gotten along you and I.  I know I’ve said some things about you that were hurtful. Mean even.  And you were nice enough to pay me back with a few pounds here, and a few pounds there.

I know that we haven’t always seen eye to eye on our choices. Like when I want to walk around downtown for hours and you repay me with shin splints and a quick jab to the syatic nerve. Or when I think its a good idea to go a couple days without eating, and you think its a better idea to stab an ice pick through my left temple.

But I’ve got some big plans coming up. 

Summer is around the corner, and I’d love to be able to hit a beach or two without being miserable just because I feel self conscious.  And maybe a picture or two with McHubby where I don’t erase it right away because I hate how I look.

AND the babies… we can’t forget about the babies!! Body, you and I both need to be in tip top shape to do this pregnancy thing one, or two more times. 

So today, as hard as it is to say, You’re Fired.  You will no longer be able to influence the major decisions in my life, your eating as you please perks have been revoked, and you will be required to hand in your “Parking your ass on the couch ” permit. 

I’ll continue to look back fondly on our times with you in charge, but there comes a time in every person’s life when a decision like this needs to be made, and today is OUR day.

I’ve got the meal plan, the work out plan, and the motivation to get THIS party started.

Best of luck in your future endeavours,


Sharon’s Will Power

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