1 + 6 (4 x 8) / 9 + 5% =’s DUH!

23 May

I am horrible at math!!  In grade 9, I entered whats called the International Baccalaureate program.  It was supposed to be my ticket to going to University anywhere in the world.  ( I wanted Paris… Didn’t happen, but that’s a whole other blog post ).  Once a month, they would take us girls from the program and have a separate class, telling us about how studies have been done showing that women who are interested in Math and Science often lose interest in the Male dominated field, etc etc etc.  Well… long boring story short… I passed that math class…. with a 54%.  Encouragement or not, That was NOT my area. 

Numbers are not my friend, and over the last 8 years, watching the math taking place on my scale has been the worst math problem I’ve had had to try and solve.

Thankfully at this week’s Weigh in, The math was a little easier to do!

When you add the weight Shel and I have lost, it equals 68 pounds… or… Our 8 year old holding a bag of oranges!!


Yesterday we went to Logan’s Road house for lunch after church.  It was easier to do then come home and cook after the weekend we had.  I had a bunless Roadhouse burger (160 Cal) with Ketchup (22 Cal) and steamed broccoli (44 Cal).  It was a great meal, and that math made for a LOT of extra calories to eat something else.


Pre diet, we went out to dinner A LOT!  In fact, one month I added up the trips we made to restaurants, and (here’s the math I don’t like) spent over $800.00!!!  That’s insane!!  A meal out used to involve 1-2 Appetizers, 3 overpriced over sized meals (for the 3 of us) plus dessert!

We went to Cracker Barrel on Friday, and Logans Sunday, and our total for the 3 of us  for BOTH trips was $50.00!!!

Now that’s good math!!

The newest number watching we’re doing is the numbers on the scale go down.  In fact, after the weigh in on Friday, we’ve been waiting to hit a new 10’s bracket.  This morning, we both reached it!! I went from 260.6 to 259.8.  The 6’s are gone… bring on the 4’s!!

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