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Photo Friday

Have you ever been driving and that hunger pain just sneaks up on you?  Darling Hubby and I LOVE to drive, and take road trips whenever we can.  With family up in Canada and south of us in Atlanta, we hit the road pretty much every long weekend we get. 

Even just running around doing errands, we lose track of time, and supper time just kind of surprises us. 
Not so long ago, dinner on the road would have looked like this.

Last night we were out buying new patio furniture and before we knew it, we were getting close to the “Skipped Supper”  time frame.  What to do? 

Steamed Broccoli take out.  I NEVER thought this day would come!

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My Plate

In honor of the USDA’s MyPlate, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life Pre-Blue Sky, before our choice to make this lifestyle change.

Come with me down Memory Lane.  Step over the empty take out containers, and the empty chip bags.  look out for the melted ice cream puddle, and … well… you get the idea.  Back to the land of “Ugh!” as I like to call it.

In the not to far distant past, my plate looked like this

or… on a lay-around-the-house day, my meal plan looked a little more like this…

In fact, if I were to be honest, there were days that breakfast looked like picture number one, and picture number 2 was a mid morning snack.  Looking back at those days, I get stomach sick just thinking about the foods that went into my body.

Have you ever opened the fridge and immediately known something in there had gone bad?  That stench is unmistakable.  And yet, how many times do you sniff? If you’re like me, you call your husband over and say “Something in there stinks!! Honey!! Smell this!!”  So, although it makes me ill thinking about it, I want to take you out to eat… the way I ate… about 3 months ago.

Mid Morning snack:
a BIG back of chips ( +1,200 Cal)
Big Mac (540 Cal)
Large Fries (500 Cal)
and (of course) a Diet Coke
Late Night Snack:
2 McDoubles (390 x 2)
20 Nuggets (460 x 2)
Late Late Night snack:
Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake Ice Cream – Love it Size (which consists of…)
Cake Batter Ice Cream (980)
Sprinkles (25)
Brownies (180)
Fudge (110)
and… I like to add Gummy Bears (120)

Now for more of that math…
That is a total of  5,355 Calories… on an AVERAGE day.

Since we’ve started Blue Sky, let me give you an example of a daily menu.

Carbmaster Yogurt (60 Cal)
Morning Snack:
Reduced Fat String Cheese – (60 Cal)
1 Cup of  Romaine Lettuce (8 Cal)
Vinigar as dressing ( 0 Cal)
Mid afternoon snack:
3 Oz Carrots (38 Cal)
Laughing Cow Cheese (35 Cal)
5 Oz BBQ Chicken (175 Cal)
1 Cup Romaine Lettuce (8 Cal)
Bed time Snack:
1 Sugar free Fat free creamsicle (20 Cal)

THAT is a total of  404 Calories! Less then 10% of what we were eating!  And that makes my plate a beautiful sight!


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