Old Clothes, Second Chances, and a little VaCay for good measure

07 Jul

Ahhh Summer… time to relax, visit exotic destinations and take advantage of your work’s mandatory vacation time. 

Hubby, Thing 3 and I are going to Scotland in 12 days.  We’re going to pick up Thing 1 and Thing 2 the day after school ends, and then.. rolling green hills, and lots of people in funny plaid pants golf.

But before we leave on vacation, the ever growing problem of our wardrobe.

(Do you like how I did that?? Growing… in a weight loss blog??  No?? Well… it was worth a try)

Since starting our program at Blue Sky MD, we’ve lost a combined 106lbs (Yay us!).  This “Sudden” weight loss has left us scrambling for some wardrobe ideas.  What to wear, when to wear it, and how to make do with the clothes we have are all tricks we can add to our resumes. 

Take my black dress pants.  They now fall down with EVERY step I take.  But… if I fold the waist band over twice, they stay up until lunch time.

Or Hubby’s Sunday uniform.  His pants are 3-4 sizes too big now (curse you male genetics, and your super losing powers!) So on Sunday’s, when he wears his Tunic, you don’t notice that his belt is cinched so tight that his belt loops are touching.

Its not that we don’t want new clothes, but with another 80 lbs to lose, we’d be buying new clothes every week or so.

But with Vacation looming, we’ve broken down and bought some new clothes (Friday’s Photo post will show you some of our fancy new duds), and you know what?  We shopped at Normal stores!!

We walked into a regular Old Navy store that will remain nameless, and bought… from the normal clothes section.  No more wandering to the back of the store for the plus sized clothes, or feeling conspicuous every time someone looks at us while we’re shopping with that “You think you’ll fit into that?!?” look.

The month before we went to our first Blue Sky appointment, we had to order new Uniform shirts for our office staff, and Hubby and I had to order 3XL to feel comfortable in them. (BTW… That many X’s is so taboo that I couldn’t even find a picture in Google Images of a 3XL!!)

This week, shopping, we bought XL (and a couple really nice L’s for that.. when… stage) … that’s 2 WHOLE X’s gone!!

Even better, Hubby and I have 3 bags of clothes sorted and ready to go to our local Salvation Army Thrift store!  So we get to Feel Good AND Do Good! 

Looking for something to do with your old clothes?  Why not talk to the Office Manager of your local Blue Sky about organizing a Clothing Drive of all the TOO BIG clothes.  When you donate your gently used items to The Salvation Army, not only are you given a charitable receipt you can use during Tax season, but you are also helping a great program.  When those donations sell, the proceeds go directly to The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (for Drug and Alcohol Treatment), a program funded SOLELY by your donations, sold in Family stores. 

(OK. so that was a bit of a shameless plug.  Hubby and I are the Administrators of The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center here in Nashville)

Blue Sky has given us our health back.  There isn’t a doubt in our minds about the change it has made in our lives, and through that, we’re able to change other peoples lives.

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One response to “Old Clothes, Second Chances, and a little VaCay for good measure

  1. Shawn

    July 7, 2011 at 3:43 am

    I'm fitting into my funny plaid pants again – somewhat 😉


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