National Lampoon’s Vacation Season

05 Aug

You know the saying “There’s no place like home” ?  I’ve just spent almost 3 weeks on vacation, and I gotta say there is REALLY no place like home! 

The family (Hubby, Thing 1, 2, &3 and I) went on the trip of a lifetime.  England, Wales, Scotland, and France… in 15 days! We rented a car when we landed in London, and when we returned it, we had put over 4000 miles on it. That’s… a lot of miles!

We went to Blue Sky a few days before we left to talk over plans and strategies for while we were away.  On this trip of a life time, there were things we knew we wanted to try, wanted to enjoy from the locals, and we knew they wouldn’t fit into our meal plan.  Today, 3 weeks later we went in for our first post vacation appointment.  We were worried, and prepared for bad news.  I stood on the scale and… had lost 5.2 pounds!  Hubby stepped on and lost 3.2 pounds!

I’ve had a couple friends ask us how we handle travelling.  Here’s what works for us when we travel:

Driving Trips

1)  Think Ahead.  Research where you’re going.  See what restaurants are in the area that you KNOW you can eat at and enjoy.

2)  Pack Snacks.  Hubby and I are Snacking Drivers.  When we take day/weekend trips, we make sure we have some basics with us.  Carrot sticks, Cheese strings, Jello Cubes, and Almonds are STAPLES we pack just the same as we’d pack deodorant or our toothbrushes.

3)  Take a break.  It not only counts as exercise, but its a great way to break up a trip.  Pull over at a rest stop and go for a quick walk or even just stretch.  It feels great, and helps you stay alert on those longer drives.

4)  Water Water Water.  Just like a regular day, you need to keep your body hydrated.

5)  Make due with what you have.  On the chance that you’ve forgotten to pack snacks, or that your destination doesn’t have a Lettuce Souprise you or salad bar, don’t despair.  You can still eat healthy-er.  Even the junkiest of fast food places are offering Salad these days.  Skip the croutons and Salad dressing though, high carbs and high calories will just make you lethargic.  When we’re stuck, I’m all for a hamburger happy meal.  A few ounces of ground beef, a tablespoon of Ketchup, toss the bun, order apple slices (70 cal) instead of fries, and Water instead of Soda.  Its not GREAT, but it’s way better then that Big Mac with extra sauce.

For Lifetime trips like the one we just got back from start the same way…

1) Research where you’re going, and where you can eat.
2)  Water Water Water
3) Pack snacks when you can.  We had 10 hours of flight time this trip, and bringing snacks onto the plane wasn’t really going to work.  So we ordered the protein high meal, and ate what we could.  I think the next time we go, I’ll order the “special” meal.  The woman next to me got fruit and a salad. Which leads me to:
4) Contact your flight providers and see what your options are.
5)  Decide what your willing to “compromise” on. 

What does that mean? 

In England, Hubby and I were able to get our FAVORITE chocolate bars.  We had 3 of them each.  In Wales, there wasn’t a lot of choices in food, so we had Burger King… and our first French Fries in 12 weeks.  Scotland offered Haggis, and neither of us had tried it before.  How many times were we going to have the chance?  (And the little pub we stopped off at served Haggis from the butcher shop of one of my ancestors)  And France… I had croissants for breakfast when we were in France.  Is there any other way to do it? That and Fresh french bread were my Non Negotiables from the trip. 

Know what you want to experience, and embrace it.  Meal plans, Diets, Weight Loss Programs, they aren’t about depriving yourself.  But you need to be able to enjoy, and to acknowledge what you’re doing.  I went away on this trip having decided that if I put on 5 pounds, I’d be okay with it, knowing that I had enjoyed this trip of a life time.

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