Measuring, Competition, and even a Craig

31 Aug

Wow!! It seems like I’ve been gone from here forever.  Work is… Crazy! Conferences, trips… My poor dogs are starting to think that the staff at the Pet Resort are their new family.  But… I’m home now.  (For 2 weeks at least.. then off to Atlanta for a week)

Today was weigh in.  Last week I made a goal… 5 pounds. I try not to make goals around the number because a week where I only loose 1 or 2 pounds, but manage to exercise 4 days is still a good week.

But none the less, this past week, I wanted to see the 3 disappear.  I was at 235, and I wanted to be in the 220’s.  I went in today, and was at 227.  Goal achieved.  Whew!

Today was also measuring day.  At the first appointment, when they took out that measuring tape, I wanted to cry.  I didn’t need any more proof that my eating had become unmanageable. I didn’t need numbers to tell me that I weighted more then I did when I was 9 months pregnant. 

Last measuring day the numbers went down, but… I couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged as I compared the loss to my husbands.  There are great things about doing this program as a couple.  WONDERFUL things.  We can support each other, we can understand when one of us has a bad day, or a craving.  The down side is as much as we try not to, those numbers are a competition.  Hubby and I laugh about them all the time… but there are days when my scale says down 1lb and his says down 4lbs that I can’t help but sigh.

In today’s measurements, it was easier to see the difference in the numbers.  Starting out 17 weeks ago, my waist measured in at 50.5 inches and my hips were 56.3.  (Wow, those are some big numbers) This morning my waist measured in at 39 inches and my hips at 49.3.  Shel’s waist measured the same difference.  11.5inches.  Almost a whole foot off  our waistline.  EACH!! 

I write these blogs, and talk about how great we’re doing.  I don’t want to mislead anyone.  This is hard work.  Changing your way of thinking, your lifestyle… its hard.  I miss my comfort foods like I’d miss a best friend who went away.  When there’s a crisis at work or home, I instantly want to fill that mess with food.  I have days where all I can think is “Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar”.  But More and more, those days are replaced with days like today, where I can climb up my driveway without having to catch my breath.  Or like when I was in Scotland this summer, and could climb up the Craig (Mountain).  I wouldn’t have gotten out of the car last year, let alone say “Hey Kids, lets climb this giant rock”.

Without the support of Hubby, of the people in our Blue Sky office, or our families I’d be lost.  If you’re thinking of taking this journey, or even already on this journey, make sure you have someone who will offer you support, who will be there through the cravings, binges and “I hate exercise” moments.  If you don’t have that, join the Blue Sky facebook community.  I don’t know about the others, but I check their page daily to see if there’s someone who’s got the same issue as me, or someone I can learn from.  If nothing else appeals, and you need someone to talk to, leave a comment here if you want. 

There was a time I’d walk out in the middle of a conversation if it turned to the topic of weight. (In fact we have a member of our not so immediate family that throws around the word “Fat” like you wouldn’t believe.  I’ve literally walked away from him rather then sock him one).  But these days, I’m so glad someone pointed me in the right direction to get my life back that I’m posting my weigh ins on facebook.

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