Variety is the spice of life

26 Oct

Well… I did it!! I went the week sticking to the program.  Went to weigh in and guess what… 230… still!

So its time to admit that I was on the dreaded plateau. 

I thought I’d be more upset by hitting “The wall” and by raising my calories, but I’m strangely excited about the idea.

Excited about adding 100 calories??  Excited about adding 50 carbs??  Maybe its a good thing that we had our labs done today, because I must be sick, right?? 

Well if this is sick, I don’t ever want to be well.  Do you know what I had for dinner?? 

Oatmeal!!  It was SO good!!

For the last 6 months, I’ve eaten steak… or chicken for dinner every night.  I have been able to switch it up with the occasional salad… with some steak… or chicken…  you get the idea. 

But today… today, this ANGEL of support, education and motivation and all things Blue Sky told me I could have Oatmeal  (hee hee!! thats right Jennelle!! The moment you told me I could add Oatmeal, you may have just become my bested pal in the whole world!!!)

With the increase in Calories, I’m going to add a starch a day.  DO you know what that means??

Sweet Potatoes, a small slice of whole wheat toast, a wrap, corn, sweet peas… the possibilities are endless!!!!

THIS is going to be a good weak!

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