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New Year, New Experiences

Whew!! Its over!!! Christmas is done for another… 354 more days!

I usually LOVE Christmas, but this year… I just couldn’t get into it.  I didn’t decorate my tree until like a week before, and Dec 26th I was taking ornaments off and packing them away.  For some reason the holiday season just didn’t speak to me the same way as it has in the past.

~ Poor Hubbs (I’m trying out a new name for him.  I read it on another blog and liked it) thinks it’s because he didn’t put up the Christmas tree when I pestered him to, but I don’t think that’s it ~

Whatever it was I am happy to see the furniture in my house back to normal, and to get back to a routine.

Which led me to my next funk. Not just the same old same old, but The SAME same old same old.  Work till we’re exhausted, come home, veg on the couch and play on phones/iPads/Whatever else doesn’t take much thought, put the boy to bed, and then crash.  I don’t want that for us as a family, and I think it might destroy my sanity, or what’s left of it.

I’m not a person to make resolutions, but I am the type of person who makes lists.  There’s something about putting thought to paper that makes me calm.  To Do lists, Grocery lists, Menu’s… and then lists OF my lists.  I will make a grocery list, and then re write it by department.  My to do lists get written, and then reorganized and written again in priority order (or… on a busy day,  by ease of task).

So here is my list for 2012 (in no particular order…. for now)

1. Spend more Non-work time with Hubby, not just comatose on the couch
2. No Phones/iPad’s in bed.
3. Find traditions to start with our kids
4. Do one new thing a month
5. Get rid of these last 50 pounds that just wont drop!! (ARGH!)
6. Keep my office in better shape
7. Less TV time
8. More exercise time… hmm… or maybe I can combine the TV and the Exercise
9. —–( SMILE  )—– I can’t tell you this one… well… not yet… but I will… but not yet…
10. Cook more meals at home – Better for us, and for our wallet.
11. Be better stewards of our money.  We’ve become so obsessed with watching every cent at work, that we’ve gone the opposite at home.
12. Write more.
13. Take more pictures!  My camera has been collecting dust. Time to get out there and start snapping again.

So… this year, look for new and exciting things from this blog.  I was using it to keep track of our progress at Blue Sky, but returning to our “Former Hotness” isn’t just about weight loss.  Its about shaking the bad habits we’ve picked up, and dusting off our dancing shoes. (But… not literally.. Poor Hubs, the only time he gets to dance is when we hug and he manages to shift his feet before I catch him. I can’t dance for BEANS!)

As for number 1, tonight marks the start of a new tradition of our own.  Tonight when our youngest son goes to bed, we’re going to snuggle up in our room and watch a movie.  Some actual US time.  I’m pretty Psyched! Tonight’s movie?  Sherlock Holmes.  Next week its my pick… should I go Sappy? or Old school? I’ve got a copy of Witches of Eastwick burning I’ve been dying to watch. Or maybe some BioDome! Poor Hubs, he’s so movie sheltered…

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