Be Still ?!?!?

11 Mar

Be still and know that I am God

God created Sunday to be a day of rest. A day to Be Still. Why oh why has the last few Sundays felt like the most stressful day of my week??

No matter what time I’ve gotten up, I feel like the clock is ticking to Church time. “Go time”. As part of the role The Hubs and I fulfill at our rehabilitation center, we hold a Sunday morning service for the men staying with us. We hold it early enough that if there are those who want to worship with their family, they will still have time to do so.

After a typical Sunday morning service, we head off to a second service. Some of the men come with us, and we share with our church family (our pastor starts some of his best Sundays with “like the Olive Garden, when you’re here your family”).

This really is an opportunity for Sunday to be the most restful of days. I try to plan for 90 min to get us up and out the door on a Sunday morning. We get up, The Hubs takes a shower whil I feed Child the Third and let the furballs outside. Once The Hubs is done, I go and shower and get ready, then we’re out the door. But what happens to those 90 min? Where do they go and why does it feel like I’m the only one living in this odd time warp? And to top it all off The Hubs is preaching at our family church this Morning.

I could use a little zen before the meeting. Sunday morning all my pastor friends are posting wonderfully inspirational things as their Facebook status one their facebook, while all I can do the last fee weeks is sigh and hrumph my way through the morning (hmm… Maybe I would have more time if I wasn’t on Facebook)

Last Sunday I sent a text to my Father In Law to let him know we were singing one of his favorite songs that morning. His response? “I was just sitting in the quiet room singing that and other songs from back in the day”. Sitting in the quiet room. Reflecting before service. People have the time to do that??? I can hardly find the time to brush my hair on a Sunday morning and there are people out there who are spending time in quiet reflection?

In preparation for Gods word How do you get through the Sunday Mornings? How do you prepare for the worship to follow at church? Do you have a special routine to prepare your heart and mind?


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2 responses to “Be Still ?!?!?

  1. Joan Mur

    March 26, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Wow, Sharon you are a great writer!…have enjoyed reading your blog for the first time.
    Your pictures says a lot as well…
    When you retire ..Sunday am has a different approach. For us, I’m the morning person.
    Up at 7 or earlier, do some reading,praying or listening to “St John’s Citadel on CJYQ” for an hour.Then I call my mother-in-law , who is now 93 and she can hear the singing as well.

    When you have young children, prayers and quiet times are different…I had special Rocks and hideaways …..during DY days….that’s another topic!! Keep smiling and enjoying life
    Regards to all the Family, & God Bless

    • Mrs F

      March 26, 2012 at 11:41 am

      I’ll have to find that special place. Usually Mondays serve as my day of reflecting on Sundays offerings as its our down day at work


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