This House is Pretty

12 Mar

In a few short months my family will begin the process of moving. Something The Hubs and I are all too familiar with. Growing up as children of pastors, we’re used to having to pack up and go on our merry way.

(Truth be told, we packed our first boxes last weekend. No idea where we’re headed from here, but I can now say without a doubt that our books will be coming with us… or… at least the ones that were on the shelf in the reading room… the rest.. there’s a 50/50 chance).

Since we’ll be hitting the road, I decided that it was time my blog hit the road too! So I packed up and moved over here to WordPress. And I gotta say… I think I like it. I still have a bit to figure out, but I’ll get there. (Hmm… think that applies to both moves at the moment)

Dude! My theme is Choco!! Yes, I picked it because it made me think of chocolate, and I don’t care who knows it!!

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