Worth a thousand words

23 Apr

I love photographs. Our guys are pretty used to stoping and pausing for the camera 100’s of times during an event lol. In fact, now that we’re closing, I’ve started a scrap book of our 2 years here for our Director of Finance. He’s worked here forever, and has seen it all. Administrators who come in and want to change the world, one wacky Wednesday at a time, and those who are working hard to hide their own demons as they serve others. His heart and soul is in fhis place, and I want him to have something to remember it by.

Anyways… I love pictures(as long as I’m not in them). Today, I took my pictures off the walls. It makes me sad to think of them going into a box. There’s the pictures from our wedding, the pictures of our oldest boys who don’t live with us (these have a special spot in the living room of any of the houses we’ve been in) and the pictures of our 3 boys together on vacation this summer.

Going up the stairs are the photo frames I made after spotting an idea on Pinterest to honor our ghosts houses past. In the spare room. More pictures from our summer vacation. Scotland, England, Wales and France… Seems a lifetime ago. Our bedroom, more pictures. Our home gym, more pictures. Even Hayden’s room is covered in photos from wrestling events he’s attended.

Photo’s everywhere!

One of my favorites is of someone washing their hands. It signifies so much to me. Cleansing, fresh starts, forgiveness. It all comes to mind whenever I look at it.

In fact, it’s the only picture left up in the house. I think I need that reminder, especially now.


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