Be careful little mouth what you eat…

29 Apr

I haven’t been watching what I eat. I haven’t been measuring my food, drinking my water, OR taking my vitamins. I knew that the progress I’d made was hurting because I wasn’t being serious about my program. This morning, getting dressed for church, trying to squeeze into a pair of pantyhose, getting sweaty and frustrated trying to zip my skirt…. I couldn’t ignore it any more. I stopped what I was doing, stepped on the scale, and there it was… In digital grey and black. 249.1.

I remember 9-10 months ago, watching the numbers on the scale getting lower and lower. And I remember how hard it was to get that darn “5” to disappear. An now here I stood, .9oz from having it come back!

It’s time to get real. No more excuses of stress eating. No more blaming it on not being prepared, or on hormones… There is no excuse. I know this! I know how to do this! I had lost 60 lbs. now I’d put almost 20 of it back on!!

1st step in getting back on the right plan? Pull out my Blue Sky folders and re-educate. For example…

Did you know that 100 extra calories a day for a year will result in a 10-pound weight gain in a year?
You know what “former self” would have said reading that? She’d have said who eats ONE HUNDRED extra calories a day???

Want to know where those 100 calories come from?

One pouch of gummy candies like the kind that goes in Child the Thirds lunch box, that I ate 3 of… Yesterday.

15 potato chips… 160 calories!

And you know those single serving KD microwave thingy’s? You know… The ones we buy for the kids but might throw on for ourselves late at night when working and a little hungry? 220 calories!!

You can see how those extra 100 a day can sneak up on me you when I’m you’re not paying attention.

So… Today is the day… Back on track …


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