Trust the GPS

09 May

Ok… we drove back from hot wet-lanta today, and since my family had to endure the whines of “are we there yet?” and “How much loooonnnnngggger?” from me, I thought I’d share some more on road trips with you.

When the Hubs and I were living in Northern Virginia, one Sunday our friend Mike’s sermon had a story about him always making the wrong turn when he leaves his home town, because he thinks he knows better than the GPS. Child the III thought this was particularly funny.

That afternoon we drove to Baltimore for The Worlds Largest Milkshake (a story for another time). On the way back, we were cruising along the interstate when suddenly the GPS said ” take exit (random number)”. Knowing that the interstate was just a clear shot from Baltimore home, this struck us as odd, but what if there was a detour or something?

We took the exit and suddenly found ourselves in a pretty seedy part of town. One of those parts of town where you lock the car doors and tell the kids NOT to read the graffiti. We were twisting and turning down back roads with no idea where we were going. It started to rain really hard and I don’t know if you’ve experienced Baltimore/Washington traffic in the rain, but it was bad. We slowed down to a crawl.

While creeping through an intersection, I looked out my window and thought I saw someone I knew sitting in the Wendy’s on the corner. I turned to The Hubs and said “I think I just saw Gary*”.

*Gary was one of the guys who had graduated the rehabilitation program The Hubs was working at upon our first arrival there At almost a year sober, he had left 3-4 days earlier on his way to see family before “starting” his sober life outside the confines of the center.

“No, it can’t be. Gary is in (insert random city 400-500 miles away)”.

We still hadn’t made it more then a driveway past the Wendy’s but I couldn’t shake it. “I’m sure that was him!”

The Hubs made a right and circled around the restaurant , and there sitting at a table reading his Bible, was Gary. The Hubs walked up to him and said “Gary? How are you?”. He responded “Great!”. The Hubs said “Is that the truth?” “No, no its not” came the reply.

They sat together for 30-40 min as out spilled an all to familiar story. Money in his pocket, on his way to buy a bus ticket, when sister-friend caught his eye. And now here he sat, no money, no place to go, no belongings except for the bible open in front of him. they talked for a while more, about different options, and in the end, Gary said he wasn’t ready to come back to the center yet. So instead, The Hubs prayed with him and we went on our way.

We pulled up to the very same stoplight we had been crawling thought when I had spotted Gary, and the GPS said “Take ramp on right to Interstate (#), and just like that, we were back on the way home.

Right now, I feel like I’m on that odd unfamiliar route. It’s inconvenient, long, unpredictable and a little scary. But, be it Gods plan or mans doing, there’s something to learn from it. We were talking to my father in law about this road yesterday, and he said to hold strong to the truth that God is a sovereign God, and he’s got our backs. (OK… So I’m paraphrasing a little, but you get the idea)


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