There’s an Echo

14 May

** Lets try this again.. technical difficulties abound today **

Things here are winding down as we approach our closing date.  For those of you who have visited us in the last 2 years (or one of the other 23 spread across the South), these pictures may tell you some of what we’re feeling today.

Monday’s are a day off for most of the warehouse people (an attempt to cut costs with desk staff, etc.  It’s a whole new ball game when your dorm and offices/warehouse are 3 miles apart).  I often find myself drawn to the warehouse on these quiet days, reflecting on the week ahead or the week behind us. This is where I “Practice my arguments” – a trait that runs in my family when confronted with a situation, we like to play out the “I’ll say… and then he’ll say…” We’re not crazy.  We’ve been tested.

When word of our closure was announced to the public, we went from phones that rung all day long to silence in the span of about a week.  Where carts once loaded with unexplored treasure once sat, these carts remain stacked, waiting to be “relocated”.

Today I’m using this quiet time to pack up my office.  Books that have been passed down from my parents and their 27 years experience in the same field.  Books with my moms name on them remind me of how much I’m like her (Although growing up I’d never have admitted that).  Several years ago, my dad was in a similar situation closing the same type of program.  Books with my dads name on them make me wonder what sage advice he’d offer. (Knowing him, it’d probably be “listen to your mother”).

The Hubs is using his time to help one of the departments that’s short on hands.  With so few people in the center, we are more often than not out in the warehouse side by side with everyone else, elbow deep in some department or another.

These are strange days for us, but throughout all the stress, and frustration, there is a peace that we’ve all been blessed with, knowing that God uses anything and everything as learning experiences.




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