I am Second

15 May

When I was shopping for table swag for our mens camp, I came across these bracelets.

Instantly they caught my eye.  “I am second?” What in the world did that mean??  I picked it up and in the package is a card that read:

Peace.  Purpose.  happiness.  Everyone is looking for something, some kind of satisfaction.  But what if life is not about you?  What if life is about something bigger, someone bigger?  What if you live second? Join the movement and find out what it means to be second.

Huh… sounded great, so I ordered them for the guys for camp, and then with the business of the weeks since, I’d forgotten about it until picked up the order this week.

We picked up the bracelets and some scripture rocks and as I was taking them out of the box I remembered that I hadn’t taken a look at the I am second website.  So I logged on while sitting on the front porch with Child the III.  What opened up before me on that website was stories… dozens of stories of people who made the move to put God first, and themselves second.  Actors, Athletes, Musicians…. all sharing their struggles… their personal… intimate struggles with addiction, cancer, forgiveness, abuse. An endless list of people sharing, and Over the last 24 hours, I’ve listened to so many of them.  Sharing in their little jokes, shedding tears for their sorrow and rejoicing at that turning moment when God spoke to them and said “Now!”

I’ve signed up to take the I am Second 22 day challenge.  Each day a new video, each day a new challenge.  Here is today’s video from Brian Welch of Korn.   Brian Welch: I am Second.

Today’s challenge?  Share this verse with a friend. (although I think it was meant for me these last few weeks)

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