Happy Birthday Unexpected One!

24 May

I didn’t plan on my boyfriend moving in with me. One day he was there and he just didn’t leave.

I didn’t plan on getting pregnant right before my 22nd birthday.


I didn’t plan for my boyfriend to relapse, empty my apartment of any valuables and leave an ex gang member and his kid in my apartment all alone until I returned home from a 12 hour shift (while 2 months pregnant)


I didn’t plan on having to ask my parents if I could move back home with them the next day.


I didn’t plan on keeping this strange being that was frowning inside me. Plans were made, social workers spoken to, and it just was not the plan.


I didn’t expect to see this little person and fall hopelessly in love with him.


I didn’t plan on my then boyfriends exit from a treatment program to just be one in a string of what would be 23 attempts at sobriety and counting, leaving me to be both mom and dad with my parents as back up until my prince charming (aka the hubs) could find his way home.


I didn’t plan on this little human I had just fallen in love with to suddenly stop breathing and almost die in my arms. I didn’t plan for him to spend 3 day in one of the worlds leading children’s hospitals where we found he wasn’t suckling properly and had almost died I starvation in a world filled with supplements, formulas etc.


There have been a lot of “didn’t plan”‘s happen in my life but today, as Child the III turns 10, I’m do glad this “didn’t plan” worked. It saves my life.




Happy Birthday Monk

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