Hey La, Hey La My Mama’s Back!

07 Jun

Do you know the song “My boyfriends back and you’re gonna’ be in trouble…”?

Well tomorrow my Mom’s back and… well… there won’t be any trouble.

When I was in high school, I think my mom and I struggled to find some kind of equal ground.  I’m sure I did my share of eye rolling at her helpful suggestions, and I know she did her share of sighing at my own willful ways.  Back then you’d never catch me saying it but now that age and experience has caught up with my ego, I can admit our struggle was probably because we were so much alike.

My first grown up job was as a Front Line Worker for a women’s shelter, and more than once I can remember seeking my moms advice, as she ran a women’s shelter just down the road.

Fast Forward a few years and as management I got a heads up that the shelter workers were brining in a union, my third phone call (after a panicked one to my boss and one to our HR head) was to my mom, who had gone through this same process before me.  We were able to swap negotiation stories from the collective agreement process

Earlier this quarter, when I was struggling to find meaning in the mess that seemed to be growing at work, and again I was able to work through it talking to my mom.  Working for the same N.P, a bit of a family tradition you could say, we’ve been around the block  We’ve seen the decisions in action, we’ve heard the stories, and even made some living legends of our own.

Now its crunch time.  Time to pack up, time to say our good byes to our friends and family we’ve accumulated along the way.  Time to clean the house, organize the movers, and all the fun that goes with it.

Tomorrow morning my Mom’s coming!! And now there better not be any trouble 😛 Cause… I’ll tell my mom..

Mom at the playground with my nephews a few weeks ago

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One response to “Hey La, Hey La My Mama’s Back!

  1. Joan Mur

    June 18, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Sharon…sure do enjoy your writings and yes, “Your mom is a great lady and as younger daughters maybe we didn’t always express the value and strength in ours”….Good to tell them when you can.
    All the best in your time together, safe travel and God’s continued blessings on you, Sheldon and Hayden during the transition time.
    Keep writing…you do so well.


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