17 Jun

My Dad taught me many things in the 30 years I shared with him.  He taught me how to listen, how to think before reacting (a lesson I’m still working on).  When I think of my dad, I picture him sitting in the chair or at the table laughing so hard he could barely breath.  My dad showed me that finding the humour in life makes all the difference.  My dad, being a preacher known for his 15 min sermons, showed me that being straight and to the point was always the better option.  My dad showed me who I could be, never telling me I couldn’t when I shared my hopes or dreams, and he loved me for exactly who I was, tattoos, piercing, brokenness and all.


The Hubs gave me 3 fantastic boys to love, cherish and spend many a sleepless night worrying about.  Having been a single mom for longer then I care to think about, he showed me that its ok to ask for help.  He shows our boys that its ok to be human, to make mistakes, and to cry at Disney movies.  He’s an incredible dad who has a heart bigger then you can imagine and every day, not just Fathers Day, I’m thankful for the man he is, and for the people he allows our boys to be through his example.  If my dad showed me who I could be, then The Hubs showed me who I was.  He allows me to be the person I only dreamt I could be because of his love and support of our family.


Last, but not least is my Father In Law.  I’ve been thinking the words “We had a rocky start” but thats not true.  Having met when I was just 13, my father in law was at that time my pastor, and my parents pastor before that.  It would be more accurate to say we had a rocky middle.  He wanted only what was best for his boy, and knowing what an incredible gift The Hubs is, who could blame him?  We’re in a much better place now, and those weekend or day trips in to be with him and my MIL are one’s I can’t wait for.  From my FIL I’ve learned the importance of communication, to talk it out when there’s something going on.  Even now, when The Hubs or I are struggling, one or the other will say “Maybe you should talk to Dad”.  My FIL has a heart as big as my house, if not bigger.  He’s taught me to love with no regrets.


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