25 Jun

We haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…. yet.  If I said we’ve been busy, it wouldn’t begin to explain these last few weeks for us.

What I can tell you is:

1) I’m exhausted.  Mentally, physically, and any other way.  I’m SO tired! We closed the warehouse, a store and the house, let 16 staff go, and shed a LOT of tears.

2) I did not need to buy a new blue tooth device because I’ve found 4 while packing!

3) Instead of using 2 friends and taking all day to pack, we had 8 guys who worked their butts off and emptied our house in 2 hours!! It was GREAT!

4) 2 drivers divided by 4 cars x 1 day =’s x?

5) Folding lawn chairs are NOT comfortable!!

6) Child the 3rd has been a hot mess when it comes to the chaos of this move, but by supper time it’s all forgotten as he climbs up into my lap and says “Hug me, Mama”.

7) I may sleep the first 3 days of vacation (see # 1)

8) My B12 and B1B6 shots this week seem to have just evaporated because… See #7 and #1.

P.S.  If you want to follow us on our journey across 1/2 of Canada this summer, Child the 3rd has made a facebook page so that he can share his adventures with his friends down here. (Our hope is this will keep his mind sharp for 5th grade.)  He’s just done it and he LOVES watching the number of people on the page grow, so feel free to follow along!  just search Elliott – Feener Road Trip or go to




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