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From the mouth of babes…

I’ve struggled to get something down on paper these last few days (weeks?). There’s been a lot going on, and my brain has struggled to wrap it all together in a simple little blog post.

Having 3 weeks at home in Canada was incredible! There’s nothing like the feeling of being home. We crossed the boarder and it was as if a weight was lifted. I could have cried, it was so good to be home and close to my family.

Now we’re back and getting ready to start work. There have been a LOT of bumps in the road these last two weeks -none of which were anyone’s fault, I should add, and none of them on their own would have been breakdown worthy, but combined, it’s felt like a comedy of errors.

My heart isn’t into it right now. My mind is on a hundred and one other things, including the singular biggest decision we’ve made… More on THAT to follow in a few weeks or so.

Tonight while trying to get Child the III back to a school routine, he came down the stairs crying. I asked him what he was wrong, and he said “I feel sad”. We went through why he might be feeling sad, and ultimately I suggested that he try praying about it. He got more upset at that and said that when he prayed, God didn’t answer. I’ve had some pity moments like that of my own lately.

I told Child 3 that sometimes God answers in different ways, sometimes saying “wait” or sometimes with bigger and better things in mind. Sometime, I told him, we’re not done talking to God and He’s waiting for us to tell everything, not just part of what’s in our heart. I left him with his face buried in the pillow to take a few extra minutes in his bedtime prayers.

About 5 min later Child 3 appeared on the top of the stairs and announced “mom! God did it! My sad is gone!”

Maybe that’s the reminder I needed. This anxiety, this stress and this confusion I’m feeling doesn’t have to be my burden alone.

From the mouth of babes…


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Sorry Jannelle!

(Jannelle is our BlueSky guru, who we promised we’d be “ok” during our vacation. Saying “Sorry Jannelle” has been proven to erase all calories from whatever cheat it is we’re enjoying. No. For real!)

There are a LOT of great things about vacation. Getting to see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, reliving childhood memories, and exploring new places. Then there’s the rest and relaxation. The “get away from it all” feeling where you can just sit and take in what’s around you without worry or stress. All of that is great, but for me… The best part of this vacation has been the food!


Fries, dressing (stuffing for my non Canadian friends) and gravy. Heavenly.
So much so that I easily had this for 4-5 meals while we were visiting the motherland.


Toutons. Fried bread dough served straight from the pan and smothered in rich salty butter. These ones were served with molasses but who could mess with the perfection of bread and butter.


For The Hubs it was more the seafood he craves that I refuse to cook. Coming from an island where the predominant industry has been fishing for centuries, it’s in his blood, and these past two weeks, it’s been on his plate. From fried cod tongues (above) to 6-7 pound lobsters.


He also lucked out and managed to score some Caplin before we left.


From weenie roast to s’mores and even a custard cone thrown in for good measure, Child the III even got in on the act of letting loose and enjoying. He even made it to a grand opening of a new poutine restaurant. Mmmmm cheese curds and gravy!






Man, my tummy is rumbling just thinking about it all. The only thing I regret not having while I was there was “jiggs dinner”. A mish-mash of yummy goodness, a traditional dish in our particular culture. I may have to make it when we get to Memphis, just to say we had some.


But now vacation is (almost) over. We’re 12 hours of driving before we get to Memphis, and then it’s back to reality. So starting Monday morning, The Hubs and I started back on our vitamin routine, and once we are stable in a house, our exercise routine will restart. Time to burn off the vacation 15 (!!!!!)


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Wordless Wednesday

I’d forgotten how beautiful it was here!





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Birthday Sap!

I’ve been a walking heartache, I’ve made a mess of me. The person that I’ve been lately ain’t who I wanna be.

But you stay here right beside me, and watch as the storm blows through. And I need you.

Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs, God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I lost my way there are no words here left to say, it’s true. God gave me you.


There’s more here than what we’re seeing, A divine conspiracy that you, an angel lovely could somehow fall for me. You’ll always be love’s great martyr and I’ll be the flattered fool. And I need you.

On my own Im only half of what I could be. I can’t do without you. We’re stitched together and what love has tethered I pray we never undo.


Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs, God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I lost my way there are no words here left to say, it’s true. God gave me you.

Happy Birthday Hubs!!

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Road Trip

So I didn’t get a chance to post our RV story on Friday because as we pulled into the campground there was smoke billowing from the RVs nether-regions and the thought of us blowing up had me a little distracted, even after we learned it was just our leveling jacks that had burnt out. Between incidents and lack of Internet, I’ve struggled to get this posted. Right now, as I finish this, I’m on a 6 hour ferry ride to The Hubs home province, and finally have a reliable connection. So here goes…

After buying our RV, we wanted to take her out for a spin, to see how she felt. But where to go? We decided to take a trip to our favorite Canadian Coffee shop ( in fact I’m munching on a donut from there as I type this).

We discovered a Tim Hortons in Fort Knox Kentucky and loaded up bright and early one Saturday morning to start our adventure. We got all buckled in, Child the 3rd had claimed his chair and the Hubs put the key in the ignition. One turn and… Nothing. Not a roll over, or a blink of the lights or anything. We tinkered a bit to see if we could fix it, and finally had to call in a professional. He came and spent an hour under the hood and announced that the battery was dead and needed a jump.

So, 3 hours later the we planned, we were on the road to get some Tim’s. Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not that familiar with American geography or landmarks. Keep that in mind.

We’re following along the route when suddenly we hit a dead end. The road is marked with yellow concrete slabs. Odd. So the hubs makes a U Turn in this 34 foot rig. We recalculate and start to move again. Another ten min, and we turn down a tiny road not wide enough for a car, let alone our rig, and we hit another road block. This time a three point turn gets us going again and the Hubs calls the Tims to find out where they are. They tell him to entreat a main gate.


We pull up to a confused looking man in fatigues who obviously figures we ‘re insane. Ohhhh…. THE Fort Knox!!

The guard asks us what we think we’re doing and we explain we’ve just driven 2 hours to get a coffee, clearly exhibiting our sanity. The guard hmmms, haaas and says “let me see some ID” sure! except that I didn’t even bring my purse with me. So, we tell him we have no ID and he hmmms and haaas and says “just for coffee????” yep. He looks left, right and then tells us to go on through.

Right before we leave the gate he says “take the second bridge, you won’t fit under the first”.

We’re driving, we pass the first bridge and it says “11 feet” yep, we won’t make it. We get to the second bridge, it says “13 feet”. We can fit! But… The hubs looks at the GPS and it says if we go one more road over, we’ll be on the same street as Tim’s!!!

We take the exit ramp, go down the hill and come to a bridge 11’1. Oh oh! No problem, we’ll turn right instead, and there… about 40 feet away, is another bridge. 11’1.

Now might be the time to mention our rig has a 12 foot clearance.

So there we sit, no on ramp, only a one way -the wrong way- off ramp in a city we shouldn’t be in, with no ID, and looking more and more suspicious as we sit there tying to figure out what to do.

Finally ready to admit defeat, we call the police and tell them we’re stuck. You can hear the officer on the other end wondering how he’s going to get us unstuck from under a bridge. We clarified and told him we simply needed someone to stop traffic so we can turn around and drive the wrong way up the ramp so we can get on our way and a few minutes later we had a VERY amused officer at our window.

After we got ourselves back on track, he asked us why we where there and we told him of our search for coffee. He looked at us with a VERY straight face and said “If you leave town and go 2 exits up, there’s a Starbucks. I suggest you go there”.

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