Sorry Jannelle!

19 Jul

(Jannelle is our BlueSky guru, who we promised we’d be “ok” during our vacation. Saying “Sorry Jannelle” has been proven to erase all calories from whatever cheat it is we’re enjoying. No. For real!)

There are a LOT of great things about vacation. Getting to see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, reliving childhood memories, and exploring new places. Then there’s the rest and relaxation. The “get away from it all” feeling where you can just sit and take in what’s around you without worry or stress. All of that is great, but for me… The best part of this vacation has been the food!


Fries, dressing (stuffing for my non Canadian friends) and gravy. Heavenly.
So much so that I easily had this for 4-5 meals while we were visiting the motherland.


Toutons. Fried bread dough served straight from the pan and smothered in rich salty butter. These ones were served with molasses but who could mess with the perfection of bread and butter.


For The Hubs it was more the seafood he craves that I refuse to cook. Coming from an island where the predominant industry has been fishing for centuries, it’s in his blood, and these past two weeks, it’s been on his plate. From fried cod tongues (above) to 6-7 pound lobsters.


He also lucked out and managed to score some Caplin before we left.


From weenie roast to s’mores and even a custard cone thrown in for good measure, Child the III even got in on the act of letting loose and enjoying. He even made it to a grand opening of a new poutine restaurant. Mmmmm cheese curds and gravy!






Man, my tummy is rumbling just thinking about it all. The only thing I regret not having while I was there was “jiggs dinner”. A mish-mash of yummy goodness, a traditional dish in our particular culture. I may have to make it when we get to Memphis, just to say we had some.


But now vacation is (almost) over. We’re 12 hours of driving before we get to Memphis, and then it’s back to reality. So starting Monday morning, The Hubs and I started back on our vitamin routine, and once we are stable in a house, our exercise routine will restart. Time to burn off the vacation 15 (!!!!!)


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