This little piggy is trying to stay away from the market

01 Aug

So this decision, you know… The big life changing one? It requires some saving. Mucho saving on our part. So, the hubs and I decide to buckle down. Trim the fat. Tighten the belt straps…. You get the idea.

One of MANY things we’re doing? A garage sale. We don’t fit into our new house so rather ten rent storage pace for stuff we might not ever use…. Why not sell it an make on $ to add to this Mondo savings we’re trying for?

Another plan? I collect piggy banks. The cute ceramic ones from Target mostly, although last summer during our trip to Europe I did add an awfully cute “I <;3 Paris", a union jack for our trip to England and a Welsh dragon one for our 2 older boys. My plan is to fill them, one by one with pocket change, bottom of the purse droppings, and weekend wallet leftovers.

Have you ever noticed the second you decide to save money, something comes up? Yesterday… Minding my own business having a snack before supper, I bit down and half my molar came off! Ouch! So this morning our savings to date went into fixing my tooth and getting a temp crown.

Back to the drawing board.


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