Timothy Green List

16 Aug

Have you seen the commercial for “Timothy Green”?  The parents sitting in front of the fire listing what their kid would be like? 

With The Hubs out of state, Child I and II out of the country, and Child III at school, I’m sitting alone in the house, and all I can think about is this little girl, MY little girl. 

I sent The Hubs a text and said “Tell me about her” and Instantly our own “Timothy Green” list started.

“She’s going to play with her Barbies, and play princes, and she’s going to dress up and make us do it too.”

“When you go away, you will have to video yourself singing her bedtime songs because she won’t sleep without them.”

“she’s going to want a bedtime story every night, and she’s going to love the pigeon books.”

“She’s going to love to curl up on mommy’s lap and play with your hair”

“She will need daddy to serve tea at her tea parties”

“Mommy will teach her to bake so she will make yummy cupcakes”

“She’ll make daddy breakfast in bed on Daddy’s Day”

“She’ll laugh at daddy crying at sappy movies.” which led to “No she’ll climb up in your lap and say don’t cry daddy”.

What she looks like, eye color, hair color, skin color, freckles, NONE of that matters.  We have no idea where she’ll come from, or what the circumstances are, but what I do know is that she is already SO loved.

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