My Truths this week

31 Aug

1)  On Thursday, while home trying to kick this colds butt, I ate 4 packs of fruit gushers.  What?? The word FRUIT is right there in the title!!

2) I think my nutritionist knows the only way I’ll drink a whole bottle of water it to tell me I need to take 8 vitamins a day, because I can only take them one at a time.

3) There is nothing worse then getting a B12 and a B1B6 shot and then sitting in traffic for 3hrs.

4) I ❤ my Obagi skin treatment but with 6 different bottles to put on my face TWICE a day, I’d rather sleep the extra 15 min.

5) We’ve been at our new job 3 weeks, and put 3 cars in the garage.  I SWEAR we’re not hard on our cars!!

6) I secretly dream of owning my own bake shop, but am afraid that I’d gain back the 120lbs The Hubs and I lost within the first week of operation.

7) Child III, yesterday while feeding the dog NEXT to the sink, asked “Can someone turn on the water for me?” and I came out from the living room to do it!

8) I heart my camera so much, but am saddened by the lack of opportunities to use it.

9) Waiting SUCKS!

10) This morning I DID NOT eat a marshmallow Lucky Charm from Child III’s cereal.  In the world of Food Addiction, I call that a WIN!

11) oh… and yeah… this, this picture right here… I owe you…


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