Who me? Wait?

01 Sep

So waiting… yeah.. not my favorite thing.  Right now we’re waiting to hear from our agency on some paperwork, The Hubs asks “Is it them?” every time my phone dings with a new email. We’re not waiters.  In fact, its something that caused us some grief in our last job.  WE’d be asked to do something and… surprise surprise, we’d do it.  When we’d get back to the powers that be, they often said “um.. hold on, we’re not quite ready for that yet”.

So while we’re waiting, I’m working our photo book.  Finding pictures that will draw the birth parent(s) in, and give them a feeling for our family.  With a terabyte of pictures to pick from, it’s a hard enough decision.  Add in the fact that in a lot of these pictures, The Hubs and I are MUCH heavier, and it becomes almost impossible.  As I look over the sweaty, shiny, uncomfortable people in our family pictures, and it’s really not the first impression I’m looking to make.

It’s also a reminder that I’m not yet at my goal weight.  The Hubs and I haven’t been as careful as we should be in watching out food intake, and it shows.  so enter project 2 during the wait. Get our program back on track.

At our heaviest, right before we went to Blue Sky


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