17 Sep

This honestly feels like one of those days where I want to crawl into bed and pull the sheets over my head.  I’ve been swirling in this mist of self doubt, questioning our decisions, and all out feeling like a lost sheep.

I feel like all I’ve done is complain because all I’ve been dealt today is the crappy cards. SHUFFLE the deck!! Give me a chance!!

So instead of going to bed with all the negative swirling in my head, I’ve got to get it out.

The Hubs has been in the hospital since Thursday. I miss him! I’m worried about him. I want him home with me! – I’m thankful The Hubs is where he is, getting the help from Dr’s who are determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on.


The Hubs on Friday. We tweeted this Pic to Jerry lawler so he wouldn’t feel left out.

We slept over at the Hospital Friday night and Saturday morning, since the dogs had been alone all night they were pretty excited to see us when we came home.  Bernie went running through the house and his legs slipped out from under him.  He slammed into the kitchen counter and is battered and bruised today, with me having to lift him off the ground to go out. (120lbs of lifting… take that P90X!) – I am thankful that in my short time as a part time Animal Care Attendant at the Vet’s office, I was able to pick up enough first aid to be able to manage the crisis de jour with the boys, and I’m especially thankful that Bern seems to be doing a lot better tonight.


Bern at the vet clinic I worked at, about to have his big boy surgery

Child III has been an HANDFUL these last 4 days, missing his dad, worrying and overcompensating by driving my slightly insane one argument at a time. – I am thankful for these days alone with my boy.  Once our baby comes home, he will probably be missing some one on one time for the first few months.


“Child III, please don’t ride the dog as a horse… again…”

My dishwasher caught on fire tonight.  A coil on the bottom of the dishwasher heated up, and a travel mug cover happened to fall on it, and the two were a bad mix.  – I’m thankful that for whatever the reason, I got tired of folding laundry upstairs and came down to smell the burnt plastic and caught it before things went VERY bad.


Thank God I caught this when I did

My sister in Law told me to watch for the lesson I’d learn from today.  My boss reminded me of God’s promise to be with me, strengthen me, and help me.  Even Caroline Manzo (Shhh!!! RHWONJ is my guilty pleasure!) said tonight “You have to go through the storm to see the rainbow”. 


Taken this summer at the marina, after a particularly bad rain storm

With all the bad that was happening today, My favorite “Thankful Moment” is getting to talk to all 3 of my boys tonight, and getting to hear each one of them say “I love you”. When you’re a mom living 4,000 miles away from your kids, and who shares your kids with another mom … thats a pretty big deal.


Child II, III, and I in Scotland with us this summer


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