The wonderful world of make believe

16 Oct

Lets pretend for a second that I’ve written here every day for the last month and today’s post is just another in a series of hilarious antidotes about life in ministry, life with kids, life with your soul mate and a few animals thrown in for good measure.

Got it? Good

Lets pretend its early evening and I didn’t just stuff an empty gummy candy wrapper under the couch cushion in my attempt to appear I have my latest food addiction binge under control.

While we’re at it, lets pretend I didn’t just have a war of wild with my 10 year old over distributive properties in math. Lets also pretend that I remembered to get my 19 year olds card in the mail on time, and that I wasn’t eating my way through the shame of being a rotten miles away mom.

In this magical land where all is right with the world I’m not secretly wondering how much of the garage actually needs to be clean before the social worker come for our home visit before the adoption.

And in this land of “other” alter-me has it all under control and for sure isn’t harboring an anxiety fueled need to purge ANOTHER 4 loads and label boxes of paper and rewrite all my file folders with a neat .5inch margin.

Alter-self has this all under control. No worrying about the future, no stressing over visits and parenting skills and perfect wife syndrome. She’s got it all handled.

If I buy a pair of ruby slippers and then click the heels together, can I go to the land of make believe?

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