New year!!!

02 Jan

Hmm… January 1. Seems like a good time to return to the blogging world without too many questions asked.

I, for one, am not sad to see 2012 go. It was a rough year for us. There were moments that made us question our very calling in ministry, moments that pushed our boundaries of forgiveness and lots… and lots… of tears. I won’t get into all of it again now because I’m working through it, and trying my best to leave it in 2012, where it belongs. I will say that I’m thankful for the support of friends and family who knew what we were facing.

Focusing on the coming year, we have the adoption of our little girl to look forward to, whatever path our ministry takes us, and are excited about new adventures, seeing old friends, and growing the friendships we’ve begun this year.

I’ll be here more. I promise. Unless life takes me elsewhere. If that’s the case, well… See you January 1, 2014!

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