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The phone call…

When we attended our very first meeting on adoption, the one where we hoped to gain more information, and just figure out what we were going to do, the woman doing the info group said something that stuck with us. In fact, I’m pretty sure I mentioned it the first post I did about our adoption.  “You will get the baby that God has prepared for your family.”  We filled out forms about what we were looking for in a baby, in the circumstances surrounding the baby etc, and as you know, we were pretty specific about what we wanted.

Fast forward to Friday.  We decided to take some us time and head to San Antonio for a long weekend.  We’re about 200 miles outside S.A. when The Hubs gets a phone call.  As he’s talking, his eyes are watering, he’s squeezing my leg, and I have no idea what’s going on.  The first words I can make any sense out of are “Well… I don’t know, we had our heart set on a girl.” 

With those words, everything in the car goes into slow motion.  My eye’s instantly tear up, The Hubs looks like he’s choking back a sob.  He looks across the car and says “Let me call you back in 5 minutes.”

There’s a mom.  A mom who is everything we’ve stated in our profile.  A mom who lives 2 hrs away.  A mom who wants the exact amount of openness we’re looking for.  In the realm of adoption, it doesn’t get better then this.  The hubs is telling me exactly what he was told, and then says “It’s a boy”.

I said “What do you think?” He said “What do YOU think?” We’ve been saying all along that God has the perfect baby picked out for our family.  If we truly believe that, then who are we to say, no, this isn’t our baby because its not a girl!  So we both got very quiet for a minute, and then we both said “YES!” So we called the agency back.  They are presenting our profile to the mom.  We may not be what she’s looking for, but the agency is hopeful, they feel this is the direction God is leading them, to offer our family. 

So… there is no guarantee that she will pick us, but… we’re optimistic.  And if it works out, then in March, we could be holding our baby in our arms!

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