I miss my Daddy

11 Oct

My friend does a “5 minute word” thing on her blog every Friday.  Today her word was Ordinary.  I’ve never done a 5 minute Friday, and I don’t think today is the day.   But that word.  Ordinary. It got me today.

Today, October 11th, will never be ordinary for me.  People go to work today, people will go out with their friends and enjoy the start to the long weekend.  You can ask people months from now what they did on this day, and they probably wont remember.  I will remember.

Blue Sky Md

3 years ago today, my dad died.  My dad being in the Hospital on a long weekend wasn’t new.  We often joked that he needed the break from the whole family visiting.  So, when I got the phone call saying he was sick just 2 short weeks after his vacation with us, it wasn’t a surprise.  My parents had been on a whirl wind tour of the churches they had pastored, and had spent a month with us in Nashville.  It was expected that it would take its toll on my dad.  He was never really “Healthy as a Horse” as they saying goes. He was sick, but he’d been sick before.  He was in the hospital, but he’d been there before.

October 11th, at 5:30am, The Hubs cell phone rang.  They were calling the family to the hospital. While I was frantically packing a bag, and The hubs was frantically booking a plane ticket for me, we got the second phone call.  The one that said I’d never again hug my dad, or sit on his lap telling him about my day (something I did even into my 20’s).

I wanted to write something meaningful attesting to the fact that I miss my dad today, but its not as simple as that. Not just one day of sadness, in an otherwise ordinary life.  Missing him has become the new ordinary.

I miss my Dad.

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