I’m Bart Simpson, Who the Heck are you?!?!

I come from a musical family. Most of us believe that every situation can be related back to a song.  Add to that the Jeopardy Brain* my brother and I have and family get together are… well… different.

*Jeopardy Brain – the ability to remember the most random of facts which may or may not be accompanied by the inability to remember where we put our phone/car keys/(insert random IMPORTANT object here)

I however have a much stronger belief that everything in life can be related to The Simpsons.  Thats probably the most important thing to know about me if you’re trying to decide to read or not.

As for the rest?

The Hubs and Child the I, II, and III.
We met when I was just a 14-year-old boy crazed girl trying to figure out what I wanted from life, and the second I saw him, I LOVED him.  of course he was … otherwise attached, and ….22 years old.  But I dreamed of him night and day.  Then he moved. Out of the country.  A whole lot of history fell in the 14-15 years that passed before we saw each other again, including beautiful children.  But suddenly we found ourselves on the same continent.  In the same City even, and both in need of a friendly face.  It went from there…. to here. Happily 2.5 years into a marriage with 3 incredible kids  who drive us nuts one minute and have us beaming with pride the next, and all of that has changed my life.

The Furrbabies
Bernie, the 120lbs Bernese Mountain Dog and his brother, 20lbs Harley, the beagle schnauzer mix.  Together with their MUCH smaller little brother Mercury the Hairless Guinea Pig, they make up my babies… for now.

The Dream
Let me introduce you to my family.  There’s the 3 boys The Hubs and I share, then there’s The boy the Hubs brother and his wife have.  The Hubs sister, her husband and their 3 boys, My brother & SIL and their 3 boys… are you noticing a theme?? My dream…. To add a little pink to my family.  The hubs and I have been trying for a while.  We’ve had the ups and downs that come with that, and some days the lows are VERY low… but I am so glad that I have my soul mate to share the lows and the highs with.


What do YOU think?

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