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This Birthday’s for you!

35.  It’s impossible for me to get excited about it no matter how hard I try but instead of sulking and pouting about it, I’ve decided to make the day… the whole month actually… exciting!  This year, instead of my birthday being all about me, I wanted to make it all about someone else.  35 someone else’s to be exact.

This year, I decided to spend the month of September doing Random Acts of Kindness around our city.  Everyone deserves a “nicey”, and I hope that they put a smile on someone’s face.  I know they made me smile (and a couple even made me shed a tear).  Some are just simple small things, others took a little more thought 🙂

I have one request before you go and read my list (or before you decide this is the most boring post ever, and move on to the next blog). I want a birthday gift from you. (Pretty funny for the girl who says she doesn’t want her birthday to be about her, I know). In honor of our friendship, either real, or in the blogosphere, I would like you to do one RAOK for someone else.  Hold the door for someone, pay someone a compliment, whatever feels right for you in the moment.  Then come back here, or on Facebook, or wherever, and tell me about it.


Here, in no particular order, is my list of 35 Random Acts Of Kindness.  (The one’s in red are the one’s I’ve already done)

  1. I gave a random mom free McDonalds Ice Cream coupons for her kids
  2. A mom in town was granted overnight visits with her kids, and looking for books to read them.  I filled a knapsack with some of Hayden’s old books for her, and a few Kids DVD’s.
  3. A neighbor was looking for a kiddie pool, I happened to have one in our storage shed.  That one was almost too easy.
  4. I gave a single mom working long hours on a road crew a crock pot so she wouldn’t have to come home and rush to prepare dinner.
  5. I gave the same mom movie passes so she could take her kids out for a night (After being a single mom, I have a serious soft spot for them)
  6. I cleaned out my closet, and supplemented when needed, and gathered 5 bags of clothes for a low income new mom who was in need of some clothes. (Those of us who’ve had to shop for them know plus sized clothes have that “extra material” surcharge on them that makes them more expensive then “Regular sized clothes”, whatever those are.)
  7. I gathered a dozen tennis balls, put them in a container with a note, and dropped them off at the dog park.  As I we were pulling away, someone pulled up with their dog, so we hung out for a second to hear what they said and the girl said “Awww… that’s so sweet” and I teared up a little thinking of how Bernie would have thought it was great to play with… or eat… the tennis ball.

    My Sweet Berner Bear would have loved this!

    My Sweet Berner Bear would have loved this!

  8. We are having construction work done on our old thrift store to convert it into our new food bank.  I’m going to make cookies and bring a case of cold water for them during their break. They are going above and beyond for us to get this done asap, so I wanted to go above and beyond for them
  9. I left a Tim Horton’s gift card in the mailbox for our Mail carrier.  She drives all over town all day long, and I don’t know how many people get a chance to tell her thank you, so I wanted to make sure that I did.TIms Card
  10. Quarter machines…. as a kid, they were my favorite thing, with unknown treasures wrapped in plastic spheres. As a parent, they drive me nuts, trying to get out of the store before the kiddo notices one and inevitably asks for a quarter while my arms are full.  I went to the mall, Canadian tire and Walmart, leaving quarters in all the machines I could find for some curious kids to discover.  I got busted by a couple waiting in line at Walmart customer service who noticed me stooped over the machines, but I don’t think they told anyone.



  11. I taped quarters to a drink machine so someone could help themselves to a cold drink while shopping.
  12. While driving around town to drop off another couple RAOK, I saw a kid… really… a kid I would assume was younger then my oldest son playing guitar for change outside No Frills.  Just one look at the guy told me he was seriously down on his luck, so I reached into my purse and found another Tim’s gift card.  When the Hubs gave it to him, the kid asked “Are you serious??!” and it almost broke my heart.
  13. I went to two of the playgrounds in town and left bottles of bubbles and bubble wands for kids to find
  14. Over the last 5 years, our family has become very familiar with Emergency Rooms.  They are NEVER fun, and the outdated magazines hardly help me keep my mind of why we’re there, let alone some poor kid brought there with their family.  (and yes, that’s been Hayden a time or two).  We went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of kids books and left them at Triage, the ER waiting room, XRay, CT and Ultrasound waiting rooms.
  15. Looking in mirrors has never been something I’ve enjoyed.  Add in the harsh light of a public restroom, and A simple trip to wash my hands can lead to an all day depression.  I left post it notes all over bathrooms in town that said “You are beautiful”, because lets be honest, we could all stand to hear it now and then 🙂


    We are all beautiful!

  16. Thank you cards for random people in town.  I wish I had these ready when I saw an RCMP truck parked outside the hospital, but I will be prepared next time!
  17. Get a bunch of balloons and tie them to the park fence by work.  What kid wouldn’t love a free balloon?
  18. Donuts for the 3 Fire Halls
  19. Donuts for the RCMP station… is it wrong to give donuts to the cops? Will they be offended?  I’ve outsourced this looking for an answer 🙂
  20. EVERYWHERE downtown has parking meters, and its always such a pain in the butt, especially if you don’t have a quarter.  So, I’m going to leave Quarters on the meters.
  21. Flowers for a friend just because
  22. We have such a great relationship with the local newspaper.  They are always covering our events, going out of their way to help us out.  So why not say thank you with some cookies?  Who doesn’t love cookies?
  23. We had a trunk sale last weekend, and we saw a bunch of people coming through with kids who wanted to stop at our table, but the parents kept saying “I have no change left!” so we took all our prices off and gave it all away.  (OK, so it was kind to the kids, but the parents might not have been as excited about it)20140913_115924
  24. We paid for the orders of people behind us at Tim Horton’s twice.  The first time, The Hubs forgot to tell them it was for my Birthday RAOK, so we did it again 🙂
  25. I met a lady with a new Cat.  Her kids are more then a little obsessed with it. (If you’ve ever had a new pet with little kids in the house, you know what I mean… mauling the poor animal any chance they get).  The cat hurt it’s leg and she was looking for a carrier to be able to let the cat recoup without little fingers bothering it, so I gave her the one we had.
  26. I have some sweet little cousins in Alberta who have been playing xBox with My boy.  I’ve mailed them something special that they should get next week.  What little kid doesn’t love getting mail?
  27. I have a friend who’s son got married this past weekend.  She was looking for a projector to show a slide show during the reception, so I loaned her mine.
  28. Our local domino’s does a program called “Suspend a pizza”.  What that means is I can pay $5, and they will put a pizza “on hold”, and when someone comes and says “I’m hungry but don’t have any money”, they will make them a pizza from the suspended pizzas.  That one made me a little teary eyed as well.
  29. Deliver Handwritten cards to a local nursing home. Not everyone gets visitors, and that thought makes me sad.
  30. Drop off thank you basket to the nurses in the Emergency Dept. for all those time’s they took such good care of us.
  31. This week I had a visit to the dentist. And when they came out to get me to bring me to the room, they asked how I was “Aside from being at the dentist”.  The hygienist and I started talking to it, and I asked her if it was hard hearing people say they didn’t want to be there every time someone came to their appointment, and she said “You get used to it”.  I thought how hard that must be, every day to hear people say such negative things.  So I’m going to drop off a basket of stuff for them… I just need to think of what is an appropriate treat for a dentist’s office… clearly not candy 🙂
  32. (Ok, so this is probably my one and only selfish RAO) Child the III and I don’t always get a lot of Mom and Kiddo time, and with our adoption paper work to add another little kiddo to our family, it may be a little shorter at times, so this weekend while the hubs is away, Kiddo and I will be spending the weekend camping, and spending some quality time together.
  33. This one is a family RAOK.  When Kiddo was selling his Skylanders, we got a FB message from a mom asking us to please please please sell her one of the specific figures because her autistic son saw it over her shoulder and went nuts. It was the only one he needed to complete his set, and would not stop asking for it.  Hubs made arrangements to meet up with her, and gave it to her for free.  We got a note from her half an hour later saying that her son hadn’t stopped running around the backyard yelling “Thank You!” to the nice man who gave it to him. That one brings a tear to the hubs eye every time we talk about it 🙂

  34. This one is a work in progress.  Hubs belongs to one of the MANY local service clubs in the area, and they run a lunch program for the local schools to make sure kids don’t go hungry.  I don’t know why no one put the two together before now, but they run the food program, we run the food bank… there is clearly a way for us to help out! So details need to be worked out, but I don’t think it will take too long, or be too hard to link these two fantastic programs together.

  35. We live in a town that still has payphones (Insane, right?!) I remember being stranded and having to make a collect call more then once in my lifetime, and it’s a horrible feeling not being able to check in with someone who might be missing you.  I’ll be taping change to the local payphones so  “someone can reach out and touch someone”
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The Cat’s out of the Bag… or…

The SECRET is Out of The States!

McHubby and the Elder one came to Canada for Thanksgiving weekend!!

He didn’t think he’d be able to make it at first, so he told me he wasn’t coming. But then he talked to his boss, who said… GO!! So he was planning on surprising me, but I cried the other night telling him I thought he was coming but that I wasn’t sure, and how devastated I would be if he wasn’t when I was convinced he was. He’s good… he still wasn’t going to tell me. But then I played my ace card…

I am an “I’m fine” “nothings wrong” girl. If something is bothering me that I think is better if I handle on my own, I’ll try it… and when McHubby asks what’s wrong, he’ll get a “nothings wrong baby”. But there’s an exception. McHubby will then say “Promise?” and with that one word, those 7 letters, I’m stuck. Promises are pretty serious business for us… in fact THE biggest. 16 years worth of promises will do that to you.

So… when I said to McHubby “Promise me your not coming?” and he responds with something OTHER then the word promise, I knew!!

We decided not to tell the Munchkin. At least someone needed to be surprised. So Wednesday at noon, after school let out for the day, McHubby and The Eldest jumped in the car and started cruising along. OR that was the plan.

We emailed each other throughout the day, talking about the trip, the much needed bonding of the two travellers, and the surprise for Munchkin. Around 6:30, I said to McHubby “What’s your ETA, I still have some stuff to do.”

“hmm… 11:30pm. Sorry its so late Baby.”

“I don’t care, I’ll get to see you! I plan on putting Munchkin to bed, and then jump in the shower and clean the bathroom.”

“Cool… yeah… 11:30”

and then for some reason I say “I need to know. Because I’d be SO upset if you showed up here and I didn’t have those things done”

“Oh… hmm… well, maybe 10.”

How can you just shave an hour off travel like that?

“Baby… what time!”

“Um…. 10… yeah… 10… but maybe you should get in the shower now, just in case.”


“Um… maybe 9?”

“Tell me where you are right now?!?”

“Hamilton” (1.5 Hours from my house!!)

Me at that point “B*A*D**W*O*R*D*S!!!”

so surprise #2 was ruined too, but it was ok…

They got here, and The Eldest walked into Munchkin’s room to say Good Night.


They’re here till Sunday afternoon. I am going to miss them like the end of the world when they’re gone. But WOW it’s so great for all of us to lay on the bed and watch a movie!! And the Pooch LOVES having them here.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!! I know a lot of you have done “Thankful” posts. I’ll post pictures of MY thankful weekend soon.


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disjointed disclosure… (Hey look! finally a fancy title!)

I wanted my 100th post to be a real zinger! Something to celebrate the essence of the blog. I’ve put off posting because I’ve wanted to get the words exactly right. But they have failed me. Real life caught up to me and I’ve been busy trying to ignore deal with it that the 100th celebration just didn’t pan out.

Speaking of real life… It’s crazy these days!!

1 day till my “surprise” from McHubby. I just have to get through today. That’s it. I still can’t blog about what the surprise is, but I’m bursting at the seams here! (AND the surprise is killing me too :P) Said surprise will leave me with little time for blogging over the next few days, which is why I want to get this 100th one done today.

On a completely related unrelated topic, I need to get my house clean. NOW! Today! NO way around it. It’s surprise related. and because I NEED to… let me tell you every other procrastinating thought going on in my head right now.

25 days till the wedding! My best friend from high school is loaning me her dress, and I LOVE her for it! She’s the only one who’s been there for EVERY mess up I’ve ever had, and I’m so happy she gets to be there for one of the things I plan to do right! (plus its really funny because when we were in grade 9, she used to call McHubby a dirty old man whenever she caught him lusting after the hotness that was teenage me).

Amanda and I in high school! Yep! We went out and got our matching jacket pictures taken at walmart 😛 This is the year we got the schools manager of the year award for managing the boys hockey team… AND the year that I walked into the dressing room to fill water bottles and saw my first real life naked boy (and crush at the time) walking out of the shower… OOPS! 😉 Poor guy, I don’t think we were ever able to look each other in the eye again without giggling. But I did not take kindly to the whole, you saw mine, I should get to see yours suggestion OR the suggestion that My boyfriend should get to see his Girlfriend!

But thats a whole OTHER blog post.

The teenage hotness that was me 😛 As you can see, the idea for the Cullen’s pail vampire skin was from THIS prom picture. and no… thats not the “Pervy” McHubby. Its just the pervy classmate.

My brother showed up at the house yesterday with a wedding dress. My Sister in Law got it from freecycle (the bestest sight ever, as long as you have a car… which I don’t). Its the “fall back” dress in case we need extra material for the other dress to fit. I tried it on, and its lacy and bead-y and… well… a wedding dress. After the first minor panic attack trying it on, I put it on a second time to show my dad when he got home from work. McHubby called just as the fashion show was starting, and we had a long distance family crisis. (Which I’m afraid I didn’t help with too much because I was too busy laughing and saying “What an idiot” regarding the Eldest, in the most loving way possible (sorry baby. I know I should have been more supportive). So when McHubby said he was close to tears, I had to tell him that I’d been sitting there talking to him for 25 min, wearing this wedding dress. At least he laughed for a minute. (My sister in law Krystyne, modeling the freecycle wedding doylie dress.)

My dog is a chewer. NOTHING in the house is sacred, and if I were honest with myself, part of the reason I LOVED my job at the vets was because of the huge discount I got on vet services, because I knew that EVENTUALLY we’d have to have surgery to remove a sock glove pop bottle plastic bag heel of my FAVORITE pair of MILF boots *tear* facecloth Superman action figure last chapter of my favorite book toy from his garbage disposal belly. Last week I bought him a chicken. A rubber chicken wearing a pink polka dot bikini. I took pictures of it before i gave it to him, prepared to take pictures 15 min later, which is the LONGEST a chew toy has lasted in our house. (Why is it the most expensive toys for “tough chewers” are the ones that are gone after the second chomp?) We are on day 4 ladies and gentlemen. And this chicken hasn’t so much as lost a polka dot. BUT… something strange has happened. Bernie has become attached at the hip lip to this thing. In the middle of the night I hear its annoying squeak as he brings it into his crate with him. When its time for him to go and play in the back yard, once I put his leash on, he turns around and grabs the chicken. 2 days ago he took the thing on a 30 min walk! I’ve NEVER seen anything like it! I picked up the chicken the other night, and was squeaking it almost subconsciously while watching TV, and he got mad at me! Took it from me, dropped it on the floor, sniffed her all over, then laid down and gave her a slobber bath! It’s his Baby!!! My pup is a puppy mill survivor, which almost guarantees he was taken from his mama LONG before he should have been. So this parental instinct has come from where? I asked McHubby and he said from me. But I think he meant it in that I took all my baby-needing hormones and projected them onto the dog and this toy kinda way. Its OK baby. I know you think I’m crazy. but you’re sticking around… whats that make you?? I love you.

Busy rest of the week at my place. I’ve decided to go see SAW VI on Thursday (I have a love hate relationship with horror movies. I LOVE watching them from between my fingers as I cover my eyes, and I HATE how they scare me so bad I need to pee with the bathroom door open). Friday I think I’m taking Munchkin out of school for the day. Date day. Maybe take him to New Moon. (YES! I know! He’s 7!! Probably not appropriate, and I got stopped last week by the librarian who asked me to explain to Munchkin for the 3rd time why he’s not allowed to check out Twilight on Library day but he’s already seen the first one, and he LOVES the idea!) Santa Claus Parade in my brothers town on Saturday, and family dinner Saturday night. Oh yeah… and THE surprise in there somewhere… 🙂
McHubby and I at the Parade his first year back in Canada… apparently he wasn’t used to the cold 😛
So you can see my brain is at capacity. And through it all, I’ve not entered a single contest this week. Im going through withdrawl

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