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I made it through the Valentines Weekend!! And it was awesome!! 

McHubby took note of my blog requests, and made the weekend incredible.  You already know about the doll house,  but that wasn’t all.

I got a Hallmark DVD card, which I loved because McHubby isn’t the photo-montage-creating type, so it meant all the more.

There were balloons, flowers, a teddy bear, chocolates, sappy movies (OMG the Time Travellers Wife made me cry like a baby!) Twilight themed Candy hearts, and some sexy time bible study gifts.

It was all out Cupid’s love den in our house, and it was incredible!!

However, the overload of chocolate has left me with a problem. (yeah, I couldn’t spell delema, and couldn’t find spellcheck… deal with it…) McHubby and I fast every year for lent… not the whole sun up to sun down thing, but all out fasting… 24/7, 40 days per year.  We drink all natural fruit juices and water. and thats it. P.E.R.I.O.D.

(This is our supply for the next week. We’ll see how long it lasts)

So all this chocolate I got? it has to be gone by 12AM Wednesday, or it has to sit for 40 days.  I’m all for stuffing my face with chocolates for the greater good, but the problem is all that sugar in my bloodstream, the added caffine, it will all turn and flow that first fasting day and have me begging for food by breakfast time the first day. NOT ideal.

Do you think if I freeze it, The Eldest One will eat it all?


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The Cat’s out of the Bag… or…

The SECRET is Out of The States!

McHubby and the Elder one came to Canada for Thanksgiving weekend!!

He didn’t think he’d be able to make it at first, so he told me he wasn’t coming. But then he talked to his boss, who said… GO!! So he was planning on surprising me, but I cried the other night telling him I thought he was coming but that I wasn’t sure, and how devastated I would be if he wasn’t when I was convinced he was. He’s good… he still wasn’t going to tell me. But then I played my ace card…

I am an “I’m fine” “nothings wrong” girl. If something is bothering me that I think is better if I handle on my own, I’ll try it… and when McHubby asks what’s wrong, he’ll get a “nothings wrong baby”. But there’s an exception. McHubby will then say “Promise?” and with that one word, those 7 letters, I’m stuck. Promises are pretty serious business for us… in fact THE biggest. 16 years worth of promises will do that to you.

So… when I said to McHubby “Promise me your not coming?” and he responds with something OTHER then the word promise, I knew!!

We decided not to tell the Munchkin. At least someone needed to be surprised. So Wednesday at noon, after school let out for the day, McHubby and The Eldest jumped in the car and started cruising along. OR that was the plan.

We emailed each other throughout the day, talking about the trip, the much needed bonding of the two travellers, and the surprise for Munchkin. Around 6:30, I said to McHubby “What’s your ETA, I still have some stuff to do.”

“hmm… 11:30pm. Sorry its so late Baby.”

“I don’t care, I’ll get to see you! I plan on putting Munchkin to bed, and then jump in the shower and clean the bathroom.”

“Cool… yeah… 11:30”

and then for some reason I say “I need to know. Because I’d be SO upset if you showed up here and I didn’t have those things done”

“Oh… hmm… well, maybe 10.”

How can you just shave an hour off travel like that?

“Baby… what time!”

“Um…. 10… yeah… 10… but maybe you should get in the shower now, just in case.”


“Um… maybe 9?”

“Tell me where you are right now?!?”

“Hamilton” (1.5 Hours from my house!!)

Me at that point “B*A*D**W*O*R*D*S!!!”

so surprise #2 was ruined too, but it was ok…

They got here, and The Eldest walked into Munchkin’s room to say Good Night.


They’re here till Sunday afternoon. I am going to miss them like the end of the world when they’re gone. But WOW it’s so great for all of us to lay on the bed and watch a movie!! And the Pooch LOVES having them here.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!! I know a lot of you have done “Thankful” posts. I’ll post pictures of MY thankful weekend soon.


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