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Day 1

We survived day one of our trip. We loaded up 1/2 our house, my mom, our 3 pets and crammed into our very very hot RV and headed out to Memphis.

Since we’ll be moving there post vacation, we decided to drop Merc, our Skinny Pig and our big boy Bernie at local boarding facilities so that we wouldn’t have to travel all the way back to Nashville to get them.

While there we had a chance to drive through our new neighborhood. Coming from Nashville where we were 20 min from the closest store, driving through our are last night the car was filled with exclamations of store names and their distance from us. Never in my life did I think I’d be so excited to have a grocery store 7 min from my house.

If I get a chance tonight, I’ll tell you a little about our RV adventures getting ready for this big trip. It’s like The Griswald family vacation meets Robin Williams’ movie RV.

The good news is we only had one incident yesterday. Our generator over heated and we had to go without air conditioning for about an hour. The bad news is it was the hottest day on record.

I’ll leave you with a few Pictures of our trip so far.

Child 3 enjoying dessert at the aquarium restaurant.

Child 3, The Hubs and Nanny walking through Opryland Hotel

Waterfall inside the hotel

Harley taking a look outside his travel crate on the way to the RV

Harley and Bernie trying to absorb some of the cold from the RV floor during our air conditioner “malfunction”


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