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Organizational Fail

It’s September 3rd and I’m falling behind!

Working in the shelter system for 7 years taught me to expect the unexpected ( to steal a junk tv tag line, thanks Julie Chen). Being a single mom for 4 years taught me that life cannot always be “planned” into action. Growing up in,  working for and marrying into the life of a Salvation Army officers family taught me that life, like postal codes, can change on a regular basis. You’d think because of those lifs lessons I’d have learned to roll with the punches. To grab life by the horns.

But instead, here I am, 4:30am searching for freezer meals for our Christmas season, to avoid last years catastrophe of feeding my family dinner at 7:30… if they were lucky. I’m also on the hunt for project ideas for Child III while the teachers/government negotiate a new contract while our kids sit at home actually wanting to learn. Oh… and I’m 3 days behind on the Bible study I’m doing, and a week behind on the new kids program for church, and a couple days later then I wanted to get started on Sunday School lesson distribution (although with just one other SS leader, I’m not so stressed about that one).

Did I mention I promised my Dr I’d join a gym in August? And … well… its September.

I need to focus. I need to get my act together. I feel like I’ve lost the plot and we’re only 3 days in!

*** Ha! Thats how much of an organizational fail… its now the 10th and I didnt even post this yet lol

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Crazy Mode Be Gone!!

It started off innocently enough.  The Hubs was planning on preaching on Mary and Martha, so I was cooking up a Sunday School lesson on “The Important Things First”.  I had found a really cool object lesson, and was moving onto an activity.  It seemed simple enough.  Draw a Pie Chart showing how much time you spend on THE important thing (Our relationship with God) and then how the other stuff fits in.  Sounds easy enough for my 11 year olds to get, and yet still drive the message home.

I like to have examples done to show the kids, so they understand what we’re aiming for.  SO there I sat, with an empty pie chart staring at me.

Can we be real for a moment?  Like in that hesitate to post, worry what your health nut sister in law (whom I love very much) or your Minister parents and in laws (whom I adore) will think kind of real?

This is what my pie chart looked like:


So let me break it down for you….

I made my chart by creating 7 slices (one for each day of the week). And then I coloured in the activities.  So Green is work (and you can see it spill into Saturday and Sunday because.. as a pastors wife, it never truly stops). Red is meal preparation.. and yes, we’re that “Fend for yourself” weekend meal family.  Yellow is the whole bed time routine, And the pinky purple?  Well that’s the mind numbing junk reading, reality tv watching, app downloading, video game playing shame that stopped me in my tracks.

And what is the blue?  That’s my God time.  You can see a ring in the AM’s before work, that’s my before I’m out of bed prayer time and my worship in the shower time.  you see a ring around meals, that’s grace, and then the circle around bed for bedtime prayers.  Saturday evening shows a spike, that’s my Sunday School prep time.

I’ve been feeling unorganized, unfocused, unmotivated, you name it and I was un-feeling it.  Is there any wonder why?  Clearly my priorities had somehow slipped out of whack.  Because my life had become so unorganized, I was coming home from a day of work where I was unproductive to a meal I had forgotten to prepare, which meant eating out, or eating junk.  Then, because I had the wrong fuel in my body, and the wrong priorities in my mind, the evening was spent trying to get the energy to go to bed.

So Sunday came (thankfully it was just my kid for Sunday School so I skipped the embarrassing pie chart activity) and went and I thought something’s got to give, and that “something” is me!  That night my prayer went something like this; Lord, I can’t keep going like this.  I need to stop and give you the time and energy I’m wasting on other things.  I need you to be the #1 priority in my life, but I need your help to get there.  Help me to focus, listen and respond to my craving for you instead of my craving for food, for control, for reality tv, for… whatever else is getting in the way.”

It’s a work in progress… I can’t show you a new chart yet because I’m not there.  I’ve not got it all down to a schedule yet.  But I will.  And I’ll come back and show you.

And!  And and and!! How`s this for exercise?  As part of our work, the Hubs and I are responsible for a winter shelter here in Beautiful British Columbia.  On February 22nd, the whole town is participating in a fundraiser for our shelter as well as our food bank and one other in the area. What is the fundraiser?  a 5-10km walk!!  I am the ultimate couch potato.  In fact there are days that walking to the mail box at the end of our driveway hurts.  But I’m co captain-ing a team with the Hubs, and I’m going to get out there and do it!  Here’s the link if you want to know more about “The Coldest Night of the Year”  (or *shameless plug** sponsor our team 😉




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